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This Summer I was blessed with the opportunity to spend a month in Asia, traveling through Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. During my travels in Kathmandu, Nepal, I spent some time at the Pashupatinath Temple a sacred complex located on the banks of the Bagmati River, dedicated to Pashupati – an incarnation of the Hindu god, Shiva. Pashupatinath’s grounds... / READ MORE /
While Stonehenge is perhaps one of the most famous Stone circle formations on the planet, there are countless others scattered around the globe which are even larger and much older. Just as numerous ancient civilizations decided –for some mysterious reason— to build Pyramids all over the globe, our ancients also created numerous versions of ‘Stonehenge’... / READ MORE /
A slew of supernatural occurrences in the Hoia Baciu forest over the past few centuries has left locals terrified of its power and tourists seeking its mysteries. The country of Romania, once known by its more infamous and ominous name Transylvania, likely conjures up images of vampires, gypsy caravans, werewolves, and bats. Perhaps it recalls... / READ MORE /
Is this ancient citadel proof that our ancestors possessed advanced knowledge and techniques that permitted them to build unimaginable cities and sanctuaries? Saksaywaman is a fortified wall complex situated at the outskirts of Cusco, Peru. This archaeologic site is renowned for its 6-meters tall stone structure that stretches more than 1 kilometer in length. Most... / READ MORE /
Deep within a subterranean salt mine in Transylvania, a massive sci-fi theme park exists called Salina Turda. Featuring a glowing Ferris wheel, mini-golf, and an underground lake – this tourist attraction is anything but ordinary. Salina Turda has been mined since the 11th century (perhaps dating back to the Roman Empire), and production peaked in World War... / READ MORE /
A few days ago we posted the image below on our social media, and it had a viral response. While the meme brought a smile to our face, we had no idea where the photo came from or what the story was behind it. A few of our readers commented that this photo was real,... / READ MORE /
Zao Fox Village, is an animal sanctuary located near the mountains in Shiroishi, Japan, which features over 100 animals and 6 types of foxes. For just 85 US cents (100 yen) you can feed and hang out with these incredible creatures! It is interesting to note, that in Japanese culture, foxes and human beings have... / READ MORE /