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tarot card of the week
Alphabet: Q, Qoph in Hebrew Numerical Value: 100 Astrological Nature: Pisces XVIII – The Moon: The father of the sky, The Moon watches the evening and takes the night’s stars under his watchful eye. The husband of The Sun, he allows the light she shines to be the golden torch that burns the melody of his... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: P, in Hebrew Numerical Value: 80 Astrological Nature: Mars XVI – The Tower: To be the grateful soul, you must remain humble and appreciative of all you have, and all you can have as well. Once you get what you wish for, remember the wish, and do not discard the music you wrote to... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: G, Gimel in Hebrew Numerical Value: 3 Astrological Nature: Moon Interpretation: The High Priestess is the female energy of your mind; the female mind is the part of the brain that is intuitive, maternal, loving, and singing of songs that are creative in their words. The ballad of the female mind is that of Gaia... / READ MORE /
The major arcana in tarot consists of 22 cards that explore the journey of the fool on his way to discovering the way of the world…with the minor arcana acting as the 56 accompanying cards that add further dimension/depth to the voyage. For the next 78 weeks, every Wednesday, we will explore the symbolism behind each card, and... / READ MORE /