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A trip into the deserts of Taos, New Mexico presents one of the most important examples of sustainable, self-sufficient community on the planet; Earthship Biotecture. From afar, these unique structures built of smooth adobe, and glass bottles pepper the desert adding character and intrigue. Constructed from 60% recycled materials, these homes are not only aesthetically... / READ MORE /
Could depositing menstrual blood on plants be the new organic miracle grow? I can feel the raising of eyebrows as I type this. But the reality is a) yes, menstrual blood can bring dying plants back to life, and b) menstrual blood really isn’t that gross. Let’s go back to 6th grade health class for... / READ MORE /
Ancient Feminine Wisdom For Today’s Social Problems Ancient feminine wisdom holds a crucial key to healing our global crises. How? With a range of social sustainability practices. These include living in alignment with natural cycles, learning to share power and addressing core misogynistic cultural issues.   What is ‘social sustainability’?          ... / READ MORE /