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spiritual quotes
We are living in a time where expressing our individual creativity is of the utmost importance. As our world undergoes trials, tribulations, and “growing pains” into a new paradigm of thought, our self expression is an integral part of this shift. A major part of this shift is the realization that we need to move... / READ MORE /
“Though life may not always go the way you please, remember to always see the forest through the trees…”  As a child of the 90’s I grew up being absolutely OBSESSED with fantasy films such as The Dark Crystal, The Labyrinth, and (of course) The Neverending Story. As an adult who frequently likes to speak... / READ MORE /
The photo below of the Venerable K.C. Ayang Rinpoche was taken on July 26th, 1985. The Tibetan Buddhist monk was blessing the deer in Kyoto’s Nara Park, and had asked only once for a photo to be taken. Saying, “take a photo now”, nobody expected the picture to develop into such a beautiful moment. The... / READ MORE /