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John Perry Barlow was a visionary, and a modern-day renaissance man. A poet, writer (and lyricist for The Grateful Dead), activist (associated with both Democratic and Republican parties), cyberlibertarian and founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Freedom of the Press Foundation – his contributions to the world have left a lasting impact, whose effects we are still feeling... / READ MORE /
Psilocybin mushrooms might just be the “next best thing” in holistic healing and wellness. Also known as “magic mushrooms”, there are more than 200 types of mushrooms with psychoactive properties. These mushrooms have been used ceremonially for thousands of years in various parts of the world but only recently the Western world has encountered its... / READ MORE /
I often muse upon the development of resilience within the seemingly untraceable lasting impacts of traumatic events within an individual’s infancy. Buried deep within the colorful spheres of my memory bank, today, these moments in which an individual rises above await the trigger to send the memory up the pipes leading to my brain that... / READ MORE /
“To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.” Rudolf Steiner was an intellectual mystic and polymath who lived nearly a century ago. He developed a philosophical and spiritual system called “anthroposophy.” “Anthropos” meaning human, and “Sophia,” meaning wisdom. Steiner was prolific—he produced... / READ MORE /
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was an infamous Russian mystic, that possessed an extremely supernatural presence, and left behind a mysterious legacy. On December 30th, it will be 100 years since he was murdered, and while he no longer exists on this “dimension”, the intricacies of Rasputin’s life remain an enigma to this day. Known to some as “The Mad... / READ MORE /
(WakingTimes.com) It is commonly held that the pineal gland is the ‘seat of the soul,’ a meta-physical portal of sorts that is believed to play an important role in conscious awareness and spiritual experience. Certain practices and supplements may assist in improving the function of the pineal gland, however, by training the more fundamental energy centers of the body,... / READ MORE /
Artwork by Adam Martinakis + article originally published at LucisTrust.org: The Conscience of Love Consciousness > Love > Radiation Radiation is transmutation in process of accomplishment…. the passage across from one state of being to another, through the agency of fire. The relationship between love and consciousness is a prime focus of the Alice Bailey... / READ MORE /
Alejandro Jodorowsky is a Chilean filmmaker, writer, composer, and psychotherapist whose visionary work dives into the human psyche, and the magick of mind. His films bring the viewers through surreal landscapes, and dream-like scenarios that hit our subconscious in a deeply affecting way.  He can articulate the earth-bound experience in ways unlike any other. Below... / READ MORE /
The image below is of the Azerbaijan Tower, a mega-tall skyscraper currently under construction on the Khazar Islands in Azerbaijan. The height of the tower will reach from Earth into the sky at a distance exceeding one mile. Estimates place its completion at 2015-2020 and its value at $2,000,000,000.  The Billionaire Class eagerly anticipates the world’s... / READ MORE /
Synchronicity has become a household word. It’s a perceptual filter that you can put on, like goggles, to change the way you see the world. A coincidence occasionally manifests as something beyond chance; a meaningful and mysterious collection of incidents. Textbook examples include getting a phone call from someone who you were just thinking of, or alternatively, learning a new word and then... / READ MORE /
Featured art by Camilla d’Errico Humans and animals have a developed a deep bond over the ages, that goes beyond the emotional, into the metaphysical. Cats and witches, Harry Potter and his owl, Hedwig – the concept of spirit (or magical) familiars dates back centuries. The word familiar stems from the the Latin word familiaris, which means “household servant,” and... / READ MORE /
Anima Mundi is latin for “World Soul” can also be personified as ‘ The One”, or Gaia, later understood as the Gaia theory. It’s the spiritual nature of the earth’s soul and the biosphere it occupies. As much as the individual are a microcosm of spirit in matter, the anima mundi is spirit of all... / READ MORE /
Artwork by: Android Jones “The new space is inner space,” says Jason Silva in his new video. It’s the latest edition in his series of thought-provoking short-films called Shots of Awe, which continues to live up to its name. This episode focuses on MAPS — the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies — and the importance... / READ MORE /
The Darker Side of Cupid: Hyperdimensional Interferences in Love Relationships UPDATE: Love Bite/Dark Side of Cupid Roundtable from Feb. 28th 2015 with Eve Lorgen, James Bartley, Laura Leon, Brenda Butler and myself  is now available for download. Available in audio only or video. Go here: http://www.risemultiversity.org/recording-2015-02-28.html Love Bit+ Panel Discussion from Oct. 24th 2015 with Eve Lorgen, James Bartley, Laura Leon, Carissa Conti,... / READ MORE /
via: Lonerwolf.com Many of us know what it feels like to be wallflowers.  We are the pew-sitters that watch the preachers perform.  We’re the backstage-bunch that make the actors shine.  We’re the Teslas that give the Edisons the limelight.  But increasingly, introverts everywhere are embracing their low lying role in society.  We’re learning not to... / READ MORE /
“The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.” ― William Blake The illusion of all illusions is time. The master “magician” deceives us into pondering the past, or worrying about the future – when in reality, all that ever was, will be and can be is only now. We are all familiar... / READ MORE /
“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan Cymatics is the study of visible sound, a process which has shown us some incredible discoveries which we explored in our blog post “The Shocking Secrets of Sound“. The video below takes the study to the next level, by using sound vibration... / READ MORE /
Science vs. Spirit: Resolve the Double Bind for Good With A Secular Spirituality for the Digital Age by Nick Seneca Jankel For a long-time, I was stuck in the classic double bind of modernity. I enjoyed a deep love affair with science — Randomized Control Trials, Evidence-based Solutions, Proofs and Refutations, Logic, Reason… Brilliant! But I thought... / READ MORE /