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Advanced Resonance Kinetics (ARK®) crystals are high purity (laboratory grown) quartz crystal, which are precisely cut along a specific type of molecular lattrice in accordance with a patented method of creating a specific solid geometric, which is harmonious to the space-time geometry discovered by Nassim Haramein. While in popular culture crystals are seen as an... / READ MORE /
The plant world is a complicated pharmacopeia. American philosophers and naturalists have long venerated the plant world for its ancient, primordial wisdom. “They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life,” writes Herman Hesse. “I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature,” Thoreau tells us,... / READ MORE /
Reincarnation is frequently rejected as impossible by those who worship at the altar of rational materialism and mainstream science. Yet, for those with an open mind who realize that logic and reason cannot possibly grasp and account for all the phenomena existing in the Universe, it is amusing to see how perplexed those with “scientific minds”... / READ MORE /
The bad news is physicists believe the universe could have its own self-destruct button. The good news is it probably won’t get pushed for billions of years. The so-called self-destruct mechanism revolves around the Higgs boson, or “God particle,” which was finally discovered by scientists at the Large Hadron Collider in 2012. In the documentary... / READ MORE /
Featured art by Larry Carlson I was on Reddit’s /r/trees one day – an online forum made for cannabis enthusiasts – and came across this question; “Would it be possible for future geneticists to bring back extinct cannabis strains?”. Intrigued by the lack of response to this eccentric question, I decided to look into the... / READ MORE /
Major results have been published in reference to LSD, ultimately affecting our consciousness. A thorough imagery examination of the brain during the psychedelic effects of lysergic acid diethylamide, displayed an increased connectivity between the brain’s visual cortex and other brain regions. For any study to be relevant, placebo subjects were involved and their brain imagery... / READ MORE /
 Scientists have concluded that planet Earth is home to a TRILLION species, meaning that 99.999% are yet to be discovered and catalogued. It seems that instead of searching for Alien life elsewhere in the universe, we should do a better job at discovering the different species that inhabit Earth.According to the most comprehensive assessment of... / READ MORE /
It’s fascinating to consider just how many ancient teachings tell us that humans have the capacity to gain extraordinary powers through various techniques. Some of these techniques, known as siddhis in the yoga tradition (from the Sanskrit, meaning “perfection”), include meditation, static dancing, drumming, praying, fasting, psychedelics, and more. In Buddhism, for example, the existence of advanced... / READ MORE /
Petrified lightning, known as fulgurite, is formed when lightning with a temperature of at least 1,800 °C (3,270 °F) melts silica or other common conductive and semi-conductive minerals and substrates, fusing, vitrifying, oxidizing and reducing mineral grains and organic compounds. According to Wikipedia “Fulgurites (from the Latin fulgur, meaning “lightning”) are classified generically as a variety of... / READ MORE /
Contemporary mainstream astronomers have theorized that about 80% of the material universe is composed of a substance called “dark matter”. This same cosmology claims that the combined mass of ordinary and “dark” matter accounts for only one third of the total universe; the other two-thirds are made of “dark energy” which is believed to permeate... / READ MORE /
What year did humankind acquire the capability to destroy itself? What is the Great Filter and Fermi paradox? Where is everybody in the Universe? These great questions, seem to find their answers through examining the current trajectory of humanity. As the great Hermetic principle states, “Nothing stands still-everything is being born, growing, dying-the very instant a... / READ MORE /
Written by Ezra Sandzer-Bell | Author of Astromusik + Audiomancy Cooperation between body, mind, and spirit is the key to unlocking our full human potential. These three interdependent elements make up the foundation of a personality. When one element is neglected, the whole organism suffers. Certain types of stories, when held in the mind, can... / READ MORE /
By using MRI imaging techniques to monitor people’s brain activity as they watched the footage, researchers were able to create pictures from information processed by the brain. Although blurred, the reconstructed images bear a remarkable resemblence to the footage that the person is watching. Scientists are not able to read our minds yet, but the... / READ MORE /
Scientists have managed to tie a quantum knot for the very first time – a huge breakthrough in quantum physics that could help power the ultra-fast computers of the future. Physicists have investigated the possibility of tying knots in quantum fields for decades, but until now nobody had been able to do it. Teams from... / READ MORE /
Article originally posted on Heavy.com by Stephanie Dube Scientists now say there’s incredibly strong evidence of a ninth planet in the solar system. They’ve long suspected there was a “Planet Nine,” also known as “Planet X,” but new research makes it even more of a possibility. One of the scientists involved in the new findings is Mike... / READ MORE /
via: Inc.com  by Ilan Mochari One of the problems with “wearables”? Everyone knows you’re wearing one. They can see it on your wrist, tracking your pulse or paces. Maybe they can see it on your glasses. Maybe they judged you and ran away. Maybe they started to tell you about their exercise routine. All of... / READ MORE /