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Alphabet: Q, Qoph in Hebrew Numerical Value: 100 Astrological Nature: Pisces XVIII – The Moon: The father of the sky, The Moon watches the evening and takes the night’s stars under his watchful eye. The husband of The Sun, he allows the light she shines to be the golden torch that burns the melody of his... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: P, in Hebrew Numerical Value: 80 Astrological Nature: Mars XVI – The Tower: To be the grateful soul, you must remain humble and appreciative of all you have, and all you can have as well. Once you get what you wish for, remember the wish, and do not discard the music you wrote to... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: O, Ayin in Hebrew Numerical Value: 70 Astrological Nature: Capricorn As channeled by JOB: XV – The Devil: The card is the allowed physical manifestations of ego to be the soul’s driver. Chart a course driven by your soul, and the ego will not chain you to this earthly plane.   The Devil card is... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: N, Nun in Hebrew Numerical Value: 50 Astrological Nature: Scorpio As channeled by JOB: XIII – Death: Death is the transition period in between the law of the universe, and the wall of the mind. The Death card symbolizes the time your life is finished on Earth. The gong of Death sounds when the ballad of the symphony you... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: K, Kaf in Hebrew Numerical Value: 20 Astrological Nature: Jupiter As channeled by JOB: X – The Wheel of Fortune: The only permanence is impermanence. Fortune can change instantly, and in order to see this vision, you must first have sight. The Wheel of Fortune is the card of the changing tune of the... / READ MORE /
 Alphabet: I, Yod in Hebrew Numerical Value: 10 Astrological Nature: Virgo As channeled by JOB: IX – The Hermit: Remember the importance of solitude, it can serve to remind you of your true purpose.   The Hermit card is the song of the time for self-reflection. The Hermit needs time alone to ponder the choices that have... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: T, Tet in Hebrew Numerical Value: 9 Astrological Nature: Leo As channeled by JOB: VIII – Strength: Courage and Persistence. Strong minds do not fall into traps made by the ego. The Card of Strength represents remaining strong even during times of war or famine, or lamenting of the lack of resources to fulfill your... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: Z, Zayin in Hebrew Numerical Value: 7 Astrological Nature: Gemini Interpretation: The Lovers are not quite what you imagine. The card is not to signify a significant other, but rather – the lesson of The Lovers is that they live their lives with love being their primary objective. The love you make is the love... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: V, Vav in Hebrew Numerical Value: 6 Astrological Nature: Taurus Interpretation: The call to answer should be dialed by your ability to be the balanced medium. The medium is the balance between soul and ego. The Hierophant is following the ballad of your soul, only. Allowing only the soul as the driver can also be... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: H, Hey Numerical Value: 5 Astrological Nature: Aries As channeled by JOB: Interpretation:  The best garment to wear is your soul. The Emperor is the allocated man to be the leader that is the ballad of the allowing of the ego to be the allocated decision maker.  The allowing ego to be the ruler... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: D, Daleth in Hebrew Numerical Value: 4 Astrological Nature: Venus Interpretation: The Empress is the female goddess that is in full embrace of her savvy thinking on big issues. The ballad she sings is that of the ballad of the blues that are beautifully sung. The blues language of the blues is that song that... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: B, Bet in Hebrew Numerical Value: 2 Astrological Nature: Mercury As channeled by JOB:   Interpretation:  The true nature of this life is that life is truly all “magic”.  The magic you create is the magic of the all that is, working through your experiences of thought and your time of life here. The Fool thinks that there... / READ MORE /
The major arcana in tarot consists of 22 cards that explore the journey of the fool on his way to discovering the way of the world…with the minor arcana acting as the 56 accompanying cards that add further dimension/depth to the voyage. For the next 78 weeks, every Wednesday, we will explore the symbolism behind each card, and... / READ MORE /