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The smash hit series Stranger Things made its Netflix debut in 2016, starring Golden Globe-winning actress Winona Ryder, this amalgamation of the work of John Carpenter, and Steven Spielberg, was a fresh endeavor into the horror genre, that became a viral sensation. Featuring an epic cast, an infectious soundtrack, and 80’s style nostalgia abound – this... / READ MORE /
Developing psychic abilities is definitely possible when you know where to start and understand the intuitive gifts that you possess within yourself. As human beings we have become more focused towards material possessions and got influenced by religion, caste and various earthly desires which have made us forget our natural psychic abilities over time. These... / READ MORE /
If you watched the Netflix series Stranger Things, the idea of Remote Viewing (RV) may sound familiar. The infamous scene in Chapter Seven: The Bathtub shows protagonist Elle practicing Remote viewing (RV) in a make-shift sensory deprivation tank, in order to make contact with Will in the Upside Down. RV is the practice of seeking... / READ MORE /
The goal of this ongoing series is to allow each of our readers to tap into their psychic/intuitive/magickal abilities, in order to live a life where magic occurs effortlessly each day. Whether the magic is in the experiences you manifest, the messages you intuit, the desires you fulfill, or the vision which allows you to... / READ MORE /
Overcome Psychic Vampires with Sustainable Energy Practices by Frank Giokas Have you ever felt drained by someone?   Where an interaction causes you to feel like you are being robbed of your life energy?  The source could be someone close to your heart or a brief encounter with a passing stranger or acquaintance: friend, co-worker, family... / READ MORE /
When You Have the Right Vibe, It’s Not a Coincidence: Synchronicity, Energy Healing and Other Strangeness in the Field by Amy Lansky The following is excerpted from: Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within[1], released from R.L.Ranch Press. One piece of evidence for the holographic nature of nonstandard fields that have been proposed in recent years —... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: Z, Zayin in Hebrew Numerical Value: 7 Astrological Nature: Gemini Interpretation: The Lovers are not quite what you imagine. The card is not to signify a significant other, but rather – the lesson of The Lovers is that they live their lives with love being their primary objective. The love you make is the love... / READ MORE /
Alphabet: V, Vav in Hebrew Numerical Value: 6 Astrological Nature: Taurus Interpretation: The call to answer should be dialed by your ability to be the balanced medium. The medium is the balance between soul and ego. The Hierophant is following the ballad of your soul, only. Allowing only the soul as the driver can also be... / READ MORE /