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There’s a certain magic to the business of patenting medicines. For decades, pharmaceutical companies have been seeking out indigenous knowledge of medicinal plants and bringing this into the laboratory in order to develop synthesized or variant versions of natural medicines, then patenting them. This is an insanely profitable business model. With the progressive legalization of cannabis in... / READ MORE /
Featured art by ROSENFELDTOWN Existing with her gaze perpetually fixed on the horizon, Indigenous Mexican Healer, Maria Sabina, has left behind remnants of her multifaceted mind and lucidly rich understanding of self that have left admirers of her work melting in philosophical reflection for decades. Spending majority of her life in the mountainous region known... / READ MORE /
Featured art: Mushroom Mandala by Catherine G. McElroy Psilocybin Mushrooms has some distinctive physical features that make it easily identifiable from others. Psilocybin mushroom typically refers to mushroom that contains hallucinogenic and mind altering properties such as Psilocybin and psilocin. The saprophytic plant is usually found in the fields and forests of tropical areas. There... / READ MORE /
The war against drugs has left a lot of victims in its wake, and chief amongst them is the pursuit of knowledge and growth of medical research. The way marijuana prohibition is presently being torn apart, is the same way the prohibition of psychedelics will be dismantled. Over the years, different world civilizations have taken... / READ MORE /
Featured art by James Christensen Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have recently published the results of a study into the benefits of the mind-altering drug psilocybin (the active chemical present in Magic Mushrooms), and it shows that the drug could cause permanent, positive transformations in personality. One of the volunteers for the study, Brian, a 50-year-old... / READ MORE /
Secretive and disobedient startup “Red Pill Therapy” is de-centralizing psilocybin therapy with a disregard for unjust laws. Currently operating out of Copenhagen (Denmark), microdosing-assisted conversational therapy is already a thing there, but very soon we can expect it taking place all over the world. WitchEmoji is described as: “an iMessage sticker pack for all of... / READ MORE /
New hopes of treating addictions to cigarettes, cocaine and other addictive drugs have emerged. Research is being carried out on how drugs like psilocybin (aka: “magic mushrooms”) could be used to stop addictions. With its ability to treat depression and improve the functionality of the brain, psychedelic medicines have gained widespread recognition in recent times... / READ MORE /
Visionary art by Jonathan Solter People on fast-acting psychedelic drugs are experiencing some very bizarre events like being surrounded by an invasion of machine elves! Are these just in their heads? Have you been visited by talkative little machine elves or other odd looking discarnate entities while tripping out on DMT? Yes? Well, apparently this... / READ MORE /
Over the years, the relevance and applicability of psychedelic mushrooms continues to increase with many fascinating uses emerging every day. Psychedelic mushroom has offered commendable therapeutic value in the field of mental health. It has facilitated the treatment and management of a variety of cerebral conditions with satisfactory results. While Psychedelic mushroom is traditionally known... / READ MORE /
“Throughout medieval Christianity, religious works of art emerged to illustrate the teachings of the Bible for the largely illiterate population. What, then, is the significance of the psychoactive mushrooms hiding in plain sight in the artwork and icons of many European and Middle-Eastern churches? Does Christianity have a psychedelic history?”  – The Psychedelic Gospels In... / READ MORE /
The Mesoamaericans called them teonanácatl or Flesh of the Gods and for a good reason: eating Psilocybe mushrooms was a way to connect with the divinity and the world around them. Nowadays, science has somewhat demythologized the process through which psychedelic mushrooms work their magic, but mankind still retains its fascination with potent fungi like... / READ MORE /
Magic mushrooms have been at the center of many stories where people claim to see and communicate with otherworldly beings, spirits, and even God. Some people think these claims are outrageous. The question becomes – is any of this possible – and if so, how? Many people who use hallucinogenic mushrooms have claimed to encounter... / READ MORE /
On February 1, 2016 a call went out from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland looking for rabbis willing to take psilocybin so that their scientists could study the science of psychedelics and spirituality. Featured art by Youns The ideal volunteers for the study were to be between 25 and 80, with no personal or family... / READ MORE /
Every wonder what it would be like in your early 60s, to have your first psychedelic experience? YouTuber, PsychedSubstances, just shared a new video, documenting the effects of psylosibin mushrooms on his 61-year-old mother. As she describes herself as “kind of close minded”, she willingly takes the smallest amount to have any sort of effects, 1... / READ MORE /