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Physicist Stephen Hawking has warned humanity that we probably only have about 1,000 years on planet Earth, and the only thing that could save us from certain extinction is setting up colonies elsewhere in the Solar System. The photo series below from NASA shows the damage we’ve caused to our planet, and is a reminder... / READ MORE /
Wolf 1061c, a so-called “super-earth“, has been recently discovered – and it is believed that this planet may have the potential to support life. Orbiting in the habitable “Goldilocks zone” (where temperatures are just right for liquid water/supporting life), Wolf 1061c is one of three planets orbiting a red dwarf star called Wolf 1061, and is... / READ MORE /
In 1995, a NASA research group conducted a series of experiments on the effects of different drugs on spiders. From the experiment notes: Spiders on marijuana made a reasonable stab at spinning webs but appeared to lose concentration about half-way through. Those on Benzedrine – “speed” – spin their webs “with great gusto, but apparently... / READ MORE /
We’ve just hear a rumor from a very reputable source that NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration and S.E.T.I. have called for an emergency press conference at 12PM EST tomorrow Thursday, July 23rd. According to the source, “The Kepler mission has discovered an earth-like world called Kepler 452b. At a distance of 1,400 light-years away, Kepler 452b... / READ MORE /