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The William Herschel Telescope, Located in the Canary Islands, Spain It may look like an oversized golf ball double-strapped to a catapult, but the large structure above is actually a high power telescope named after William Herschel, the man who famously discovered the planet Uranus over two centuries prior. W.H.T. was first turned on in... / READ MORE /
Popular musicians and composers sometimes plagiarize from one another. Here are just a few examples of what happens when derivative works are mashed up together and interpreted through the musical Kabbalistic framework described in Astromusik and Audiomancy (located here).   Bowser’s theme was derived from Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain, which was also featured in Earthworm Jim. They... / READ MORE /
 Marcello Pellegrino Ernetti was an Italian Roman Catholic priest and renowned musicologist specializing in Pre-Christian ancient music. He had a university degree in quantum physics and is responsible for the invention of a device called the chronovisor, a time viewer that scanned the light and sound emanations of local objects to reconstruct specific sets of events from... / READ MORE /
“In the mind’s eye, a fractal is a way of seeing infinity.” — James Gleick Artist/musician Hiérophante created a perspective-shifting music video/animation called “Clichés”, which is a collage of the common clichés that occur in the digital world. Hiérophante describes the project by saying…   “I took advantage of our tendency to be unoriginal on social media... / READ MORE /
via: Audiomancy Artwork – “Unai Shipash” by Pablo Amaringo Ayahuasca and the Icaros Every culture has a collection of folk songs passed on through oral tradition. Many of these tunes are at risk of disappearing due to lack of interest from the general public. Fortunately, the indigenous shamanic music of Peru seems to have found a... / READ MORE /
Love is the ultimate gift of life, yet it can sometimes be viewed as a curse because we humans are mortal  – and our time is both precious, and fleeting. The music video below, entitled “The Curse”, by Josh Ritter tells a beautiful story, which articulates the pain of mortality, but touches the soul on a deep... / READ MORE /
Bella Gaia is an immersive audiovisual experience which explores the interconnected relationship between microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds. Founded and created by talented composer Kenji Williams, he describes this project by saying “Itʼs an exploration of the relationship between human civilization and our ecosystem through time and space.”  The motivation behind the project was inspired by the “overview... / READ MORE /
Join us for the official after-party for the 2016 Philip K. Dick Film Festival at the VIP room of Lovecraft Bar NYC. …Saturday, January 16th at 10:00pm…. ///\ FREE ADMISSION ///\ Music by Georgia (see video below)… Projections by Richie Brown… To see the full line-up of films, and to purchase tickets for the PKD... / READ MORE /
On this day (Jan. 8th) in 1947 David Bowie arrived to planet Earth. A muse, musician, and magician – this incredible creator is one of our biggest influences. To celebrate his arrival to the Earth plane, we’ve curated 25 of our favorite Bowie quotes/lyrics for you to enjoy! To wish him a happy birthday, be... / READ MORE /
The Alchemy of Turning Rock into Stars by Billy O’Brien Music has always been an integral part of our human experience, but the industry surrounding music has only been around for less than 100 yrs. We are currently witnessing the downfall of this industry, while artists are suffering to make a career for themselves. With... / READ MORE /
Music has always been an incredible tool to communicate complicated ideas, while providing messages that transcend language and culture. It’s been a vehicle for concepts that have inspired counter culture strongly in the last 100 years. Since the industrial revolution, with labor came struggle, and with strife came beauty. Artists sacrificed themselves to make art... / READ MORE /
Evolve and Ascend teamed up with an incredible collective of NYC musicians who are coming to Asbury Park to party for a loooooooonng Sunday. Join us as we welcome them to our home town, and explore innovations in sound and art. (Listen to links below to get you excited) Avant Garde // Experimental // Electronic //... / READ MORE /
Today, August 8th, brings us an alignment between the Earth, the Sun and Sirius. According to metaphysical teacher/channel, Jodi Serota, this particular alignment “brings in powerful energies for manifestation.” According to Jodi’s official website: “As this star-gate fully opens it beams intense Light waves from the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, the Star Sirius, the... / READ MORE /
In this episode of Liberation Frequency (see below), Jennifer Sodini interviews singer/songwriter/healer Johanna Warren– and also gives her a channeled message/oracle card reading. Johanna’s latest record “nūmūn” is a beautiful collection of folk songs that glow with her gorgeous voice, defining each moment, lyric, and note.  In her own words, nūmūn is: “Dedicated to The... / READ MORE /