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John Perry Barlow was a visionary, and a modern-day renaissance man. A poet, writer (and lyricist for The Grateful Dead), activist (associated with both Democratic and Republican parties), cyberlibertarian and founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Freedom of the Press Foundation – his contributions to the world have left a lasting impact, whose effects we are still feeling... / READ MORE /
Life is riddled with distractions and standards that lead us further into inaction. We seek media and technology as a means to escape the reality of our lives, whereas, that “place” is the greatest illusion created by man. Its been manufactured to promote our mindlessness, and satiate our desires by perpetuating ideals, concepts, and advertising.... / READ MORE /
It is believed that every reaction/action comes from two different emotions, either love or fear. Every response that is positive comes from a place of love, while every negative response comes from fear. While staying positive and living from a place of love, always, seems like the obvious choice – at times it can be... / READ MORE /
The population of our planet is over 7 billion people, and no two people are alike. We are all “blank canvases” in a world that is filled with whatever color we wish to “paint” ourselves, and our lives are designed to be our own individual masterpieces. Whoever you are, and whoever you wish to become is completely in your control, and... / READ MORE /