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Alpha Channeling is a visionary artist that is redefining erotic art by visually articulating sacred sexuality with gentle colors that penetrate the mind, and inspire the soul. The gallery below showcases  a selection of Alpha Channeling’s work, but to buy a print/learn more – be sure to visit their official website by clicking here.  Follow the... / READ MORE /
The aura is a field of “subtle, luminous radiation” which surrounds a person or object. It is believed that all living things (including humans) and all objects have an aura – while not always visible to the naked eye, these energies can tell us a lot about who we are, and what type of energy... / READ MORE /
Adamite is a mineral whose metaphysical properties connect emotions with the heart. Allowing us to identify and deal with emotional issues, especially those that affect our instinctual reactions. Water signs may find themselves particularly drawn to Adamite, as some claim it carries the soothing qualities of fresh water. Providing both clarity and strength, it is believed... / READ MORE /
Alexandrite is an extremely rare gemstone that is described as “emerald by day, ruby by night” by gemstone experts, this chameleon-like stone has a rare and unique color-changing property, characteristic of the chrysoberyl minerals. Alexandrite is apparently so rare that it has only been seen by not more than a handful of fortunate people. Yet, in the... / READ MORE /
Art is one of the greatest gifts to humanity, as it helps separate us from the animal kingdom by allowing us to express ourselves. Art is the expression of the self, through a variety of mediums. The artist can communicate these ideas without saying a word…the magick is realized when we find that something outside of... / READ MORE /