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The BBC Documentary, “The Century of the Self” (see video below) is one of the most profound documentaries you may of never heard of. The 4 part series outlines the journey of American consumer culture, and how we’ve been conditioned over the last 100 yrs. This documentary reveals the sorcery we’ve be blinded to, and... / READ MORE /
Consume, obey, consume, obey, consume, obey… The vicious cycle society is perpetuating in consumer culture is pushing us dangerously closer to a future that will be the amalgamation of They Live meets Interstellar. We have been tricked into believing we need the next latest-greatest gadget so much that we trample over one another during Black... / READ MORE /
To capture a “screen shot” of the nature of consciousness, is about as difficult as choreographing a ballet on string theory. However, this visual meditation on the current/past state of the collective consciousness that is humanity, does a fantastic job of putting the poetry of life into motion. This non-linear muse may leave you with more questions... / READ MORE /