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LANSING, MI – In Michigan the process to regulate marijuana like alcohol as appealed to authorize recreational marijuana is now one step closer to the poll after the Coalition publicised that it would turn in 360,000 signatures to the Secretary of State on Monday.   During the press conference when announcing the signature turn-in, the coalition... / READ MORE /
Archaeologists in China recently discovered evidence indicating humans have been using cannabis as medicine and employing it in spiritual rituals for over 2,400 years. According to “Ancient Cannabis Burial Shroud in a Central Eurasian Cemetery,” published in Economic Botany last month, “[a]n extraordinary cache of ancient, well-preserved Cannabis plant remains was recently discovered in a... / READ MORE /
Featured art by Larry Carlson I was on Reddit’s /r/trees one day – an online forum made for cannabis enthusiasts – and came across this question; “Would it be possible for future geneticists to bring back extinct cannabis strains?”. Intrigued by the lack of response to this eccentric question, I decided to look into the... / READ MORE /
“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”―Carl Sagan Cannabis can be used as a holistic medicine to treat a plethora of different ailments, including stress, pain and insomnia.... / READ MORE /
In 1995, a NASA research group conducted a series of experiments on the effects of different drugs on spiders. From the experiment notes: Spiders on marijuana made a reasonable stab at spinning webs but appeared to lose concentration about half-way through. Those on Benzedrine – “speed” – spin their webs “with great gusto, but apparently... / READ MORE /
Pain from osteoarthritis leaves many debilitated due to stiff and swollen joints. While prescriptions are readily available for osteoarthritis sufferers, they often leave patients with the choice of living between two worlds: If they take prescription pills, they may live with less physical pain yet suffer from the wide array of side effects that pharmaceuticals... / READ MORE /
In a society where productivity is defined by means of financial growth rather than spiritual or personal growth, the average individual’s desire to continuously be on the go to meet unrealistic standards is unfortunately almost expected. Included in meeting these unrealistic standards, unrealistic demands are also placed on the individual’s physical, mental, and physiological health... / READ MORE /
The beginning of my journey with Lyme disease is similar to most. My ending, however, is playing out quite differently than most. I found a tick behind my ear at the age of fourteen, and had various health problems for seven years before I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, Lupus, Mycoplasma, Bartonella, and Babesia.... / READ MORE /
In the beginning of March a family of four from Florida were hospitalized after eating LSD-laced meat purchased from (where else?) Walmart. Now, yet again, another drug wasting prankster from Los Angeles (is this trend going bi-coastal?) decided it would be a hilarious idea to put pot-laced psychedelic mushrooms on a pizza. According to the... / READ MORE /