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Raising awareness and elucidating the intensification of the global health crisis of plastic pollution through a variety of artistic mediums, science and visuals, 5 Gyres is a conscious effort and project that is educating individuals worldwide of both the health crisis’ prevalence and the small proactive daily steps one can take toward creating environmental wellness... / READ MORE /
In his 1974 book, Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View, Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgramdiscusses in detail the findings of his now famous experiment. Milgram demonstrated just how easy it is to convince an ordinary person to commit torture and murder under the instruction of an authority figure. Intrigued by the role of Nazi military personnel in... / READ MORE /
Featured art by beeple “In the long run, nothing escapes the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The pull of entropy is relentless. Everything decays. Disorder always increases.”- James Clear 2017 *was* a banner year for catastrophe, and while there seems to be little respite from the chaos and madness showing up in our daily news feeds, the non-stop... / READ MORE /
At just 27-years-young, Holly Butcher passed away from a rare form of cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Before she transitioned, Butcher wrote a letter explaining what she was experiencing, and offered powerful advice on how to live fully in the now, by appreciating this life wholly, and fully. The letter was published by her parents, has... / READ MORE /
Image via Uncommon Beat Acknowledging and taking action upon the inner revelation that every individual is solely responsible for creating their own meaningful and authentically rich life, Author/Teacher, Alexander Dunlop, is an intrepid explorer who is deeply connected to his life purpose. Exploring human potential with endless curiosity has led Alexander to lead others toward... / READ MORE /
I often muse upon the development of resilience within the seemingly untraceable lasting impacts of traumatic events within an individual’s infancy. Buried deep within the colorful spheres of my memory bank, today, these moments in which an individual rises above await the trigger to send the memory up the pipes leading to my brain that... / READ MORE /
Featured art Cyril Rolando From the blossom of health to the paleness of death, my mortality I accept. I am dying. So are you. To embrace death is to embrace life. I acknowledge that I am dying every moment, therefore, I am living every moment. I accept and am hyper-aware of the possibility of my inevitable... / READ MORE /
Reincarnation is frequently rejected as impossible by those who worship at the altar of rational materialism and mainstream science. Yet, for those with an open mind who realize that logic and reason cannot possibly grasp and account for all the phenomena existing in the Universe, it is amusing to see how perplexed those with “scientific minds”... / READ MORE /
Featured image by Richie Brown Orgonite is a combination of crystal and metal in resin, and it is based on scientific research in the 1930’s by Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Reich posited that “Orgone Energy” was the universal life force. This massless omnipresent substance (similar to luminiferous aether), was believed by Reich to be the substance could... / READ MORE /
According to two leading scientists, the human brain is in fact a ‘biological computer’ and the ‘consciousness of humans’ is a program run by the quantum computer located inside the brain that even continues to exist after we ‘die.’ As experts explain it after people die, their soul comes back to the universe, and it... / READ MORE /
(ANTIMEDIA) A small Standing Rock Sioux site in North Dakota called the Sacred Stone Camp has been propelled into the national news narrative following their stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Due in part to independent media coverage of the ongoing standoff, the Sacred Stone camp has grown into a formidable opposition against the $3.8 billion,... / READ MORE /
DMT (“the spirit molecule”) is the short name for dimethyltryptamine, a hallucinogenic substance that is the active ingredient of ayahuasca, alternatively known as the “spirit vine”. But a team of researchers believe it can do much more than previously thought. Our body produces its own version of DMT, nevertheless, the concentrations present in the brain during... / READ MORE /
 Scientists have concluded that planet Earth is home to a TRILLION species, meaning that 99.999% are yet to be discovered and catalogued. It seems that instead of searching for Alien life elsewhere in the universe, we should do a better job at discovering the different species that inhabit Earth.According to the most comprehensive assessment of... / READ MORE /
“The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.” ― William Blake The illusion of all illusions is time. The master “magician” deceives us into pondering the past, or worrying about the future – when in reality, all that ever was, will be and can be is only now. We are all familiar... / READ MORE /
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, 75, the best-selling self-help guru and author of 30 books, died late this Saturday. His family made an announcement on his official Facebook page, stating: “Wayne has left his body, passing away through the night. He always said he couldn’t wait for this next adventure to begin and had no fear... / READ MORE /
Approaching Life With an Open Heart, and Staying Strong Through Adversity by Mia Banducci Hello fellow ascendants! The vast breadth of knowledge in these pages is beyond impressive, but sometimes, because of what we’ve been told most of our lives, this wisdom can be hard to comprehend, or even to believe. A few years ago... / READ MORE /