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life lessons
You are not too much. I repeat, you are not nor will you ever be too much. The bewildered look in another human beings eyes whenever you speak of your “idealistic” and “impossible” dreams justifies the internal confines that that other being denies. Your external life is a mirror of what you are encountering inside.... / READ MORE /
Featured art Cyril Rolando From the blossom of health to the paleness of death, my mortality I accept. I am dying. So are you. To embrace death is to embrace life. I acknowledge that I am dying every moment, therefore, I am living every moment. I accept and am hyper-aware of the possibility of my inevitable... / READ MORE /
Artwork: “Mario’s Mandala” by Wanderweird As a child of the 90’s I grew up having fond memories of playing the Nintendo game, Super Mario Brothers, on the weekends I got to spend with my grandparents (my mother didn’t allow video games in our household). I remember the frustration with the original game because you were never able to... / READ MORE /
The video at the bottom of the article, features words by Jim Carrey orchestrated into a beautiful inspiring video that is both cerebral and cathartic. We are all human, but we must not forget that we are also spirit. No matter what culture, religion, or label you choose to identify with – the truth is that... / READ MORE /
It’s Feb 12th, and thankfully Mercury is no longer in retrograde. Now you have the time to realign your thoughts, and get back to your present presence. During retrograde, Mercury appears to be falling behind you and with that, it seems our past becomes our focal point. It’s easier to reflect, because during this time our minds... / READ MORE /
As society continues to collectively wake up, and see the issues our current “planetary paradigm” is facing, one can’t help but initially feel a sense of fear, anxiety, and anger at the situation. However, these feelings need to be fleeting as it is more important to place your energy into solutions, as opposed to wasting... / READ MORE /
As channeled by JOB: The lesson for this week is the ideal of allowing your heart to be what guides you, always. When you follow your heart, you are following your truth, but when you follow your ego you are following the illusions you’ve built to adapt to the material world. The heart is the organ, which... / READ MORE /
Approaching Life With an Open Heart, and Staying Strong Through Adversity by Mia Banducci Hello fellow ascendants! The vast breadth of knowledge in these pages is beyond impressive, but sometimes, because of what we’ve been told most of our lives, this wisdom can be hard to comprehend, or even to believe. A few years ago... / READ MORE /
It is believed that every reaction/action comes from two different emotions, either love or fear. Every response that is positive comes from a place of love, while every negative response comes from fear. While staying positive and living from a place of love, always, seems like the obvious choice – at times it can be... / READ MORE /
The population of our planet is over 7 billion people, and no two people are alike. We are all “blank canvases” in a world that is filled with whatever color we wish to “paint” ourselves, and our lives are designed to be our own individual masterpieces. Whoever you are, and whoever you wish to become is completely in your control, and... / READ MORE /
According to Wikipedia, the Epic of Gilgamesh is described as: The Epic of Gilgamesh, an epic poem from Mesopotamia, is considered the world’s first truly great work of literature. The literary history of Gilgamesh begins with five Sumerian poems about ‘Bilgamesh’ (Sumerian for ‘Gilgamesh’), king of Uruk. These independent stories were used as source material for a combined epic. The first surviving version of this combined... / READ MORE /
The letter below is a 2006 response from Kurt Vonnegut to a group of high school students who had requested he come pay their school a visit, as part of an assignment. According to Reddit user Alxmog1, he, as well as the participating students had written to their favorite authors, but Vonnegut was the only one... / READ MORE /