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The esoteric messages encoded within the fantasy/sci-fi world hold important wisdom, which is alchemical in nature as it transforms meaning through your experience. These three movie monologues speak volumes on the power of transmuting darkness into light, by mastering your mind and facing your fears. To learn more about the hidden symbolism in these movies, be... / READ MORE /
Fantasy is defined as “the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable”, and (while controversial) the psychedelic experience expands our consciousness to perceive this impossible/improbable world. While the psychedelic experience is not for everyone, the medium of film can evoke this same feeling. In the video below, we have compiled... / READ MORE /
Esoteric Analysis of 80’s Classic Fantasy Film ‘Labyrinth’ by: Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis It’s always fun to go back and watch the movies you grew up with. However, it can also be a laughingly disturbing experience, akin to finding out that uncle you had that was so cool was actually an alcoholic. One of... / READ MORE /