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kingsley dennis
  For a number of years many of us have been talking about the new consciousness emerging – or rather unfolding – over these years. However, the focus so far has been largely upon the consequences of this new ‘energy consciousness’ rather than on the qualities of the incoming energy itself. For example, I have... / READ MORE /
‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ – Arthur C. Clarke  ‘What the universe becomes depends on you’ – Henryk Skolimowski Magic may not be what we think it is. In fact, it may be very much more. It may in fact be everything, and everything that is not magic simply is not. In other words,... / READ MORE /
QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS: Reconciling Science and Spirituality towards our Evolutionary Future(s) by Kingsley Dennis ABSTRACT: As a global species we may be in the throes of passing through a transition towards a different state of consciousness. This new state may likely be characterized by quantum properties such as coherence and non-local field information. Such a ‘consciousness... / READ MORE /
Spotify Your Mind: Consciousness in the Age of Streaming by Kingsley Dennis Many people reading this article will probably understand, and agree, when I say that we are all plugged-in to a source of creative streaming right now. Yet why is that? Is it because we agree on the concept? The concept of being plugged-in... / READ MORE /
In this episode of Liberation Frequency, Jennifer Sodini discusses the “Phoenix Generation” and the evolution of consciousness with critically acclaimed author, Kingsley L. Dennis, PHD. Kingsley is the author of many books, including of “Breaking the Spell” (2013), “New Revolutions for a Small Planet” (2012), “The Struggle for Your Mind” (2012); and “New Consciousness for... / READ MORE /
This week’s Spotify playlist is from author Kingsley L. Dennis, who we had the pleasure of recently interviewing for our Liberation Frequency podcast – which will be live on our YouTube channel tomorrow. Kingsley is the author of many books, including of “Breaking the Spell” (2013), “New Revolutions for a Small Planet” (2012), “The Struggle for... / READ MORE /