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Is our generation doomed, or are we just getting started? The blessings and plights of the 21st century. What the hell is going on today? Are we the luckiest generation that has ever lived, or are we the most cursed? Like any existential question, the answer has many flavors. To begin, let’s take a step... / READ MORE /
The initiate’s will seeks powerful mediums that can tickle our senses and awaken our imagination. Finding that piece of art, whether you found it, or it found you, is the reward best left within the spoils of our heart. The greatest art will introduce hallucinations in our mind and the heart will lead us to... / READ MORE /
“The earth has music for those who listen.” – George Santayana We recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Data Garden, at our CSA//AVC event this past Sunday. Data Garden is “a creative engine and record label making advances in the way electronic music is produced and distributed.” We were blown away by their innovative project, MIDI Sprout,... / READ MORE /