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Sunday, March 12th (10:54am EST), brings us the final full moon of winter 2017. This full moon can be interpreted several different (yet synchronous) ways. Astrologically speaking, this moon is in the sign of Virgo, which alludes to the energies of organization, practicality, boundaries, and meticulousness. With Mercury acting as the ruling planet of this sign, clarity in... / READ MORE /
Photography by Dustin Adams “Know thyself.” – Ancient Greek aphorism Logic and intuition, opposites that form opinion based off of knowing, or feeling. Intuition is defined as: “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” While logic is defined as: “reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.” Although... / READ MORE /
If you watched the Netflix series Stranger Things, the idea of Remote Viewing (RV) may sound familiar. The infamous scene in Chapter Seven: The Bathtub shows protagonist Elle practicing Remote viewing (RV) in a make-shift sensory deprivation tank, in order to make contact with Will in the Upside Down. RV is the practice of seeking... / READ MORE /
The goal of this ongoing series is to allow each of our readers to tap into their psychic/intuitive/magickal abilities, in order to live a life where magic occurs effortlessly each day. Whether the magic is in the experiences you manifest, the messages you intuit, the desires you fulfill, or the vision which allows you to... / READ MORE /
  Sage (Salvia) comes from the Latin word meaning “to heal”, and has long been regarded as an herb of wisdom, vitality and even immortality. A masculine herb ruled by the planet, Jupiter, making it a powerful ally for protection, balance and abundance. Since Medieval times people have used sage as a tonic to stave... / READ MORE /
When You Have the Right Vibe, It’s Not a Coincidence: Synchronicity, Energy Healing and Other Strangeness in the Field by Amy Lansky The following is excerpted from: Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within[1], released from R.L.Ranch Press. One piece of evidence for the holographic nature of nonstandard fields that have been proposed in recent years —... / READ MORE /