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Augoeides is a Pythagorean term relating to the “luminous body”, or higher ascended beings of light (or deva, “divine being”). This type of being is a collective (shared) consciousness, and are tasked with overseeing the evolution of mankind. According to H.P. Blavatsky‘s definition of the Augoeides: “The most substantial difference consisted in the location of the... / READ MORE /
From ancient times, a body of ancient spiritual teaching known as the Ageless Wisdom has been handed down from generation to generation. First made available in writing to the general public in the 1800s by H.P. Blavatsky, and then in the 20th century by Alice A. Bailey – this wisdom is the common foundation of... / READ MORE /
The video below is a documentary exploring the life of the woman who was essentially started the whole New Age movement. Considered by many to be a spiritual genius, her life was nothing short of remarkable. This presents an in-depth look at her life story, and highlights the fascinating path that lead Blavatsky to become... / READ MORE /
The Neverending Story (1984) – Film Analysis by Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis These 80s cult classics do well for analyses. Vitrually all the classics children of the 80s like myself grew up with were loaded with deeper, esoteric symbolism, as our series has demonstrated, and The Neverending Story is no different.  In fact, the... / READ MORE /
Hollow Earth Theory suggests that Earth is entirely hollow, or otherwise contains a substantial interior space, which some believe to be inhabited by other beings. Agartha (sometimes referred to as Agartta, Agharti, Agarta or Agarttha) is the name of this legendary city-space that resides within the earth’s core. Frequently associated/confused with Shambhala, which figures prominently in Vajrayana Buddhism and Tibetan Kalachakra teachings... / READ MORE /