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higher consciousness
Artwork: “Soul Aperture” by Alex Grey Today, dozens of studies are taking place to evaluate the medical safety and efficacy of psychedelics, thanks to organizations like MAPS – but, unfortunately under Federal Law, psychedelics are still illegal. However, the Supreme Court has ruled that psychedelics can be used as part of the practices of certain... / READ MORE /
Dark Room Meditation/Therapy for DMT production is a practice that has been used for thousands of years by sages endeavoring to unlock the great mystery to life. Looking for a drug-free, quick-fix, to having the most profound spiritual experiences available to man? Ever heard of dark room therapy or, as they call it in Thailand,... / READ MORE /
Over the last several years, many people have contacted me with regards to my blog articles and the films and interviews I’ve been involved in, and oftentimes ask for any insight and guidance I can provide in relation to their personal struggles. I always do my best to reply to every email and message I... / READ MORE /
You’ve heard all of the incredible ways creative visualization can bring what you want into your life, how it can create your reality and how powerful it can be to use along with other methods ala “Law of Attraction.”   Professional athletes like Tiger Woods use it and billionaires like ….. use it.  You know... / READ MORE /
All cycles come to a close, and as we finish the chapter of 2015, we continue our journey into 2016, left with the reflections of the past that allows us to shine into the future. We have an opportunity to recalibrate ourselves with the seasons. While using the sky as a map to better understand... / READ MORE /
A picture can say a thousand words… The gallery below is a selection of photos throughout our history, which capture moments in time that tell the evolving story of humanity. Each image continues to evolve along with our conscious awareness of the impact left behind, and these little known stories of our story, have left us... / READ MORE /
The BBC Documentary, “The Century of the Self” (see video below) is one of the most profound documentaries you may of never heard of. The 4 part series outlines the journey of American consumer culture, and how we’ve been conditioned over the last 100 yrs. This documentary reveals the sorcery we’ve be blinded to, and... / READ MORE /
Intention is defined as “a thing intended; an aim or plan”. Although it seems that intention is more powerful than a simple definition. It’s the integral element that makes matter respond to your deepest wishes and desires. It’s a simplified energy that manifests itself through matter. It’s alchemical and has the ability to manipulate the... / READ MORE /
“God is a sound frequency, and we can all tune in if we just listen. Some find The Rhythm through different melodies, but it’s all music.”  Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds is a documentary by Canadian film maker, musician and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt. Of all the documentaries we have found on the subject of higher consciousness,... / READ MORE /
Social injustice, climate change, war, poverty, hunger…with all of the issues we face here on planet Earth, at times one may feel so overwhelmed that it becomes difficult to pick where to start troubleshooting. While all the crises we are facing need to be faced, the root of the root of what we are looking... / READ MORE /
The awakening process is very similar to the grieving process, as there are several stages that are experienced on the way to acceptance and enlightenment. For the vast majority of you, it may seem as though there has been a “quickening” of time, as you may have experienced an insatiable appetite for learning, and understanding (especially)... / READ MORE /
The video at the bottom of the article, features words by Jim Carrey orchestrated into a beautiful inspiring video that is both cerebral and cathartic. We are all human, but we must not forget that we are also spirit. No matter what culture, religion, or label you choose to identify with – the truth is that... / READ MORE /
“The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.” ― William Blake The illusion of all illusions is time. The master “magician” deceives us into pondering the past, or worrying about the future – when in reality, all that ever was, will be and can be is only now. We are all familiar... / READ MORE /
It’s Feb 12th, and thankfully Mercury is no longer in retrograde. Now you have the time to realign your thoughts, and get back to your present presence. During retrograde, Mercury appears to be falling behind you and with that, it seems our past becomes our focal point. It’s easier to reflect, because during this time our minds... / READ MORE /
QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS: Reconciling Science and Spirituality towards our Evolutionary Future(s) by Kingsley Dennis ABSTRACT: As a global species we may be in the throes of passing through a transition towards a different state of consciousness. This new state may likely be characterized by quantum properties such as coherence and non-local field information. Such a ‘consciousness... / READ MORE /
time is art, movie
The feature documentary, ‘Time is Art’, premiered to a sold out audience in New York City and around the world on 11/11/2015. Theater premieres took place in select cities such as Austin, NYC & San Francisco via the Austin, TX based Tugg platform which allows indie filmmakers to crowdsource their film into theaters. The film... / READ MORE /
Sometimes one must travel far to find one’s self. For their fourth full-length LP, electronic folk duo Lulacruza, traveled from their native South America to Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest. Invited by music tastemaker and SubPop Records founder Bruce Pavitt, to record at a custom-built, state-of-the-art studio on the island, Lulacruza – Alejandra Ortiz... / READ MORE /
The great awakening has begun. We are coming to realize that we are all one species. Each of us, an infinite soul, we define some as ‘old’, and say in small talk ‘this ones been here before’. We are beginning to understand ‘the end’ doesn’t really mean the end anymore. Time is starting to become... / READ MORE /
We’ve created a video with 4 different clips about consciousness that will completely change the way you look at the world… The first clip, is taken from Charlie Chaplin’s 1940 feature film, The Great Dictator, and this cathartic monologue states: “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor. That’s not my business. I don’t want to... / READ MORE /