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The Essenes were a reclusive and mysterious Jewish sect that believed in reincarnation, human ascension, and the immortality of the soul. Many Essenes engaged in communal ownership of property, participating in voluntary poverty and asceticism. Their monastic, money-less lifestyle was governed by customs upheld by the Essene priest class, who practiced strict celibacy and vegetarianism... / READ MORE /
The Lord’s Prayer is extremely venerated by Christians/Catholics alike, as this prayer was an original given to Jesus by God to teach his disciples. However, there is an interesting theory that finds a curious link between this prayer, and 7 chakras. First, lets investigate the chakra system. The 7 chakras start from the top of your head, and work... / READ MORE /
The power of prayer extends beyond any religious ritual…it is a way to connect to your higher self, to allow the energy of the universe to work through you – so your intentions can be made manifest through the attention you place on them. Prayer is not dogmatic, nor is it limited to just putting your hands... / READ MORE /