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Rose water provides a wide range of benefits to the mind, body and spirit. Below we’ve listed different areas of applications for rose water and how adding this to your beauty routine can benefit you. From MedIndia.net: Teeth: Rose water can provide relief from inflammation and gum problems. It can also strengthen teeth and provide relief... / READ MORE /
The galleries below contain some of the most mind-blowing designs for homes that are all made out of shipping containers! This has become an increasingly popular, and cost efficient movement. There is a plethora of resources online on how-to build your own, and where to find the materials needed to “think inside the box”. Click... / READ MORE /
I am a huge supporter of the “tiny house movement”, but now simple living has taken a whole new turn as the man in the video below has abandoned the “real world” in exchange for his own “hobbit hole”. Dan Price, a.k.a., Hobo Artist, is a man who has dedicated his life’s work to creating... / READ MORE /