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Lucid dreams are defined as dreams in which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. In a lucid dream it feels as though you are able to navigate a movie within your mind, your consciousness serving as the projector of your imagination. To make the imagination manifest through art is the great work of the creative mind, and film... / READ MORE /
You are not too much. I repeat, you are not nor will you ever be too much. The bewildered look in another human beings eyes whenever you speak of your “idealistic” and “impossible” dreams justifies the internal confines that that other being denies. Your external life is a mirror of what you are encountering inside.... / READ MORE /
Over the past few years it seems there has been an ever-evolving interest in spiritual phenomena, invisible worlds, and life beyond the current reality we are experiencing. Mainstream media even echoes the sentiments of the desires of the collective conscious (and unconscious), with shows like Stranger Things and The OA on Netflix both exploring metaphysical... / READ MORE /
(in5d) Firstly, it is important to say that before attempting to use any of the Techniques for inducing an Out of Body Experience, you should be fully-relaxed in mind and body. Out-of-Body-Experience.info contains lots of information and tips in order to reach the desired state of mind. Inducing an Out of Body Experience is not... / READ MORE /
Featured art by Rob Gonsalves For decades, Universities have conducted independent sleep studies to research and document individual’s dreams and perhaps more importantly, determine what they mean. Unfortunately, the data collected is saturated with variables: the proverbial pebbles in the shoes of scientific studies. For instance, in 2014, a six month study of 100 adult men... / READ MORE /
The Incubus and Succubus are two different types of spirits, who are known as “sex demons” or “night demons” because they are believed to engage in sexual activity with with men and women during the dream state. The Incubus is believed to be male, while the Succubus is female. According to Wikipedia: Incubi were thought to be... / READ MORE /
Inception: My Labyrinthine Analysis Inception is one of the best films Hollywood has put out in years, and stands out as a diamond in a large stack of garbage.  If the liberals in Hollywood were really worried about the environment, they wouldn’t cloud the artistic environment with so much pollution. But Inception is something else. A film... / READ MORE /