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climate change
Perspective is both a gift and a curse. When you open your mind to a meta-understanding of what’s happening, you not only see the beauty, but you also see the darkness. The darkness of humanity tends to be unseen due to the glorification of our individual accomplishments and ego worship. We congratulate and coddle. We... / READ MORE /
I’m often accused of cherry picking the information in this ever-growing essay. I plead guilty, and explain myself in this essay posted 30 January 2014. My critics tend to focus on me and my lack of standing in the scientific community, to which I respond with the words of John W. Farley: “The scientific case... / READ MORE /
In this episode of Liberation Frequency, Jennifer Sodini interviews Dr. Guy McPherson and Pauline Schneider. Dr. Guy McPherson is professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology & evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona, has been a Climate Change expert for over 20 years. He can see the direction we are heading, and it’s looking bleak.... / READ MORE /
The great awakening has begun. We are coming to realize that we are all one species. Each of us, an infinite soul, we define some as ‘old’, and say in small talk ‘this ones been here before’. We are beginning to understand ‘the end’ doesn’t really mean the end anymore. Time is starting to become... / READ MORE /