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Featured art by Simon Haiduk The biggest study ever carried out, by the most respected institutions to date, point to the fact that Psilocybin, which is a compound stated to be within “magic mushrooms” can be highly effective in the treatment of anxiety and depression in patients suffering from cancer. The researchers used 29 patients... / READ MORE /
My Cancer Journey As we grow older, we accumulate perspectives about life and a philosophy we call our own. But is who we’ve become truly aligned with the person we are meant to be? Often as we grow older, we move further away from our true nature. Sometimes it takes a life-threatening illness to help... / READ MORE /
Shane Smith, co-founder and CEO of Vice, recently did a special report entitled “Killing Cancer“. This incredible segment shows some of the remarkable new treatments being discovered for cancer, which are leading to complete remissions, and stopping the disease dead in its tracks. Connecting with doctors that are exploring the edge of medicine by using HIV,... / READ MORE /