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RLove is the first conscious dating app connecting its users based on a unique feature called the “soul signature.” It’s a spiritually-centered questionnaire that assists in connecting you with like-hearted individuals. Gerard Powell, founder of RLove and Rythmia, a medically licensed luxury wellness-resort, noticed a longing in his community for love and deeper relationships. Created... / READ MORE /
Like the Hindu goddess Kali, the process of evolution moves in a cosmic dance of creation and destruction. The magic of this momentum of movement can at times make the illusory world of the life experience feel like a bit of a hallucination. Technology (and the potential for AI) is evolving at an unprecedented rate,... / READ MORE /
Painting by Mauro Reatigue Perez Late in the night, after preparations have been made—hammocks have been strung, the participants have purged and fasted, and the brew has been sung over—the yagé (ayahuasca) ceremony begins. Sounds of the rainforest merge into a vortex of consciousness where the visible world goes black before the inner visions begin.... / READ MORE /
Transforming a chaotic inner and outer world into a magical kingdom of inspiration and an opportunity for realignment with childlike vibrations, Gerard Armond Powell’s story is one of purpose and serves to showcase that any human being can crawl their way out of the dirt and grime. I caught up with Gerard to discuss the... / READ MORE /
Featured art by Xnilo Watercolors, article by Jay Michaelson In 1954, Aldous Huxley published “The Doors of Perception,” a famous essay observing that the effects of mescaline were remarkably similar to the unitive mysticism of the world’s great religions, particularly Vedanta, the philosophical-mystical form of Hinduism which Huxley practiced. It caused an immediate sensation. Many... / READ MORE /
“A FILM SHAPED LIKE A SHAMANIC JOURNEY STEEPED IN A PSYCHOACTIVE BREW EXPLORING FEAR AND DESTINY IN THE JUNGLE OF THE MIND.” Icaros: A Vision is a unique experience in film that takes you on a visionary voyage through the healing power of ayahuasca, and the magic, and wonder of the Amazon. With a powerful... / READ MORE /
The Reality of Truth is a documentary film, which explores the hidden (psychedelic) history of our spiritual evolution. 1.5 million people have now watched this meditation on altered states of consciousness and Ayahuasca! Starring Michelle Rodriguez, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Ram Dass, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – this cinematic exploration of consciousness is not to... / READ MORE /
In demonstrating appreciation by paying for the ritual-brew, do users inadvertently contribute to its desacralization?  In recent years, a psychoactive plant brew hailing from the Upper Amazon known as ayahuasca has undergone a boom in production and consumption across the world. Ayahuasca is an admixture typically made by boiling the bark of the monoamine oxidase... / READ MORE /
It’s a Wednesday morning, not unlike other Wednesday mornings. I wake up to an alarm. I drink some tea. I eat a banana and an elote cupcake. I shower and get dressed. I saunter down the old cobblestone streets of Mexico City’s Coyoacán neighborhood and board a pesero (a clunky, death-defying, antique, mini bus of... / READ MORE /
Natalee Miller is a Chicago-based artist, whose art awakens feelings that are latent within the subconscious mind. Her mastery offers a creative communion with the senses through evocative perspectives with pen and ink. She recently journeyed to Rythmia (the world’s first medically licensed plant medicine facility), and had her first experience with ayahuasca. A medicine that... / READ MORE /
Kirk Murdoch is a 61-year-old, New Jersey native, that has a conventionally “successful” life. He’s been happily married to his wife (Darryn) for the past 15 years, they share a beautiful home, new cars in the garage, a healthy bank account, job security… but he and his wife both felt like something was missing. Darryn... / READ MORE /
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? This is what Freddy Mercury was asking in Queen’s unforgettable Bohemian Rhapsody back in the 1970s. Truth to be told, all of us question whether the given reality is The Reality, is it the truth or is someone playing with us, and what is “truth” anyway?... / READ MORE /
Rythmia Life Advancement Center is an all-inclusive luxurious resort located in Guancaste, Costa Rica. The intention of the space is to provide the opportunity to heal, transform consciousness, and evolve mental, spiritual and emotional wellness through alternative therapies in a medically supervised, safe, and accomodating environment. What makes Rythmia so unique, is not just the fact... / READ MORE /
Ayahuasca Jungle Visions is a coloring book created by the artist Alexander Ward. Ward is a world traversing, multi-disciplinary, visionary artist. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in traditional animation from the Arts University in Bournemouth and has worked as an Art Director for the animated feature film Back to the Sea (China)... / READ MORE /
“Throughout medieval Christianity, religious works of art emerged to illustrate the teachings of the Bible for the largely illiterate population. What, then, is the significance of the psychoactive mushrooms hiding in plain sight in the artwork and icons of many European and Middle-Eastern churches? Does Christianity have a psychedelic history?”  – The Psychedelic Gospels In... / READ MORE /
Ayahuasca is growing in popularity all over the world and everyday more and more people are becoming interested in the sacred brew and its reported effects.  Spending just a few minutes doing quick google searches will provide you with loads of reports on how ayahuasca has transformed many individual’s lives, but there is always the question.. ‘Isayahuasca... / READ MORE /
“The Ayahuasca Reader explains the necessity of integrating ayahuasca into Western culture, and educated its readers to do their part to facilitate that process.” — Rick Doblin, PhD, Founder & Executive Director, MAPS On Saturday, November 19th, 2016 Synergetic Press will be hosting an event in celebration of the publication of their latest book, the Ayahuasca Reader: Encounters with... / READ MORE /
Art by Android Jones Pure existence, raw feelings and a brimming clarity in a spiritual plane remote from the decaying rationality of conventional mass beliefs. These are the primary traits that bridle the practice of mindfulness. This practice springs from a Buddhist tradition known as Vipssana or commonly translated as “insight meditation”, which is told... / READ MORE /
via: Audiomancy Artwork – “Unai Shipash” by Pablo Amaringo Ayahuasca and the Icaros Every culture has a collection of folk songs passed on through oral tradition. Many of these tunes are at risk of disappearing due to lack of interest from the general public. Fortunately, the indigenous shamanic music of Peru seems to have found a... / READ MORE /
Artwork by Tim White Our ability to tell stories, and to articulate the value of experience is one of the most incredible aspects of being human, and having the level of consciousness we possess. Finding the right words, that hit us in the heart is an art-form, but when we read that right combination of... / READ MORE /
  Artwork: “Limbic Resonance” by Amanda Sage Psychedelics (nee: entheogens) such as psilocybin, ayahuasca, 5-MeO-DMT, and LSD can serve as a key which open a doorway to the divine – and many who’ve participated in plant medicine ceremonies, or experienced psychedelic healing – report that these inner journeys allow a broader understanding of our outer world, and... / READ MORE /
Artwork: “Soul Aperture” by Alex Grey Today, dozens of studies are taking place to evaluate the medical safety and efficacy of psychedelics, thanks to organizations like MAPS – but, unfortunately under Federal Law, psychedelics are still illegal. However, the Supreme Court has ruled that psychedelics can be used as part of the practices of certain... / READ MORE /
Ayahuasca, or yagé, is (according to Wikipedia) “an entheogenic brew made out of Banisteriopsis caapi vine, often in combination with various other plants. The brew is used as a traditional spiritual medicine in ceremonies among the Indigenous peoples of Amazonian Peru, many of whom say that they received the instructions in its use directly from the plants and... / READ MORE /