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“Power is required for communication. To stand before an indifferent or hostile group and have one’s say, or to speak honestly to a friend truths that go deep and hurt, these require self-affirmation, self-assertion, and even at times aggression.” ~Rollo May This is your life. Not your parent’s. Not your teacher’s. Not your government’s. Not your... / READ MORE /
“The Spiritual Price of Urbanized Life” by Frank Giokas How can One feel so alone – in a bustling, crowded city?  People often wonder.  The answers may not easily present themselves in the often-misunderstood nature of modern urbanized life.  However, under closer inspection, truth becomes more simply and resolutely clear.  Cities are herding grounds of culture.  A myriad of people,... / READ MORE /
Riding the natural high of kinesthetic awareness and the increase of mental and bodily energy through pranayamic breathing, The Ice Guru, Wim Hof, has created his own rules and developed beyond a looping state of mind which has led to the experience of the life-enhancing benefits of immersion in subzero environments. Frigid conditions are a... / READ MORE /
(Minds) A study by the Research Council of Norway has concluded that psychedelics do not link to mental health problems or suicidal behavior. A study of roughly 130,000 adult citizens in the United States found no “evidence that psychedelic use is an independent risk factor for mental health problems.”   Of the 135,095 randomly selected... / READ MORE /
By Therese Wade, MSc, Wake Up World where this was originally featured. “Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul.” These transformative words, spoken by indigenous medicine women, began my journey within to discover the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body. When this perspective was introduced to me, I was suffering from... / READ MORE /
As society continues to collectively wake up, and see the issues our current “planetary paradigm” is facing, one can’t help but initially feel a sense of fear, anxiety, and anger at the situation. However, these feelings need to be fleeting as it is more important to place your energy into solutions, as opposed to wasting... / READ MORE /
There is an incredible quantity information out there for the open minded truth-seeker to digest, spanning the full spectrum from widely accepted universal truths to outrageous conspiracy theories. I’ve come to find that all this information has the capacity to be quite overwhelming, so sometimes its nice to remind ourselves of the basics: Everything is One.... / READ MORE /
We are on the precipice of an extremely exciting time when it comes to technological advancement. One of the most interesting of these advancements has to be Google Glasses which present a completely new experience for daily life for us all. Woman’s Day Through Glass is a project with the sole purpose of educating people about the... / READ MORE /
“Death by medicine is a twenty-first century epidemic, and America’s war on drugs is clearly directed at the wrong enemy.” –Dr. Joseph Mercola {2} I have briefly focused on mushrooms and cannabis as medicine sources. Now, it is only fair to shine the spotlight on the other side of the medicinal spectrum: prescription drugs. One... / READ MORE /