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True martial arts is a path of spiritual awakening revealed through dedication to practice and commitment to understanding yourself better at each stage of life. Bruce Lee is the world’s most iconic martial artist as well as a contemporary spiritual philosopher, and in his personal journals he documented his own psychological and spiritual awakening. In the... / READ MORE /
Ever wonder what it would be like to simulate your death? Turns out, in Shanghai, China, people will pay $68 for the transformative experience. The attraction is called “Xinglai”, and it’s creators hope it gives participants a new perspective of life. Their goal is to help others cope and reevaluate their lives. The translation of... / READ MORE /
The awakening process is very similar to the grieving process, as there are several stages that are experienced on the way to acceptance and enlightenment. For the vast majority of you, it may seem as though there has been a “quickening” of time, as you may have experienced an insatiable appetite for learning, and understanding (especially)... / READ MORE /
The great awakening has begun. We are coming to realize that we are all one species. Each of us, an infinite soul, we define some as ‘old’, and say in small talk ‘this ones been here before’. We are beginning to understand ‘the end’ doesn’t really mean the end anymore. Time is starting to become... / READ MORE /
We are all born with innate intuitive abilities. In infancy, before we are even able to understand language, we were able to understand feeling, intention, vibration. This is not random, this intuition is our birthright, and unfortunately through environment, and societal/cultural programming, we are taught to put this to the wayside and focus on logic... / READ MORE /