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Freddy Mamani is a Bolivian architect with a unique style of architecture that’s reminiscent of the astral plane. Embracing local culture, and tradition, this visionary creative has a rather unorthodox process for bringing his ideas to reality. Mamani doesn’t draw formal blueprints, instead he sketches his plans on a wall or orally articulates the concepts... / READ MORE /
German philosopher Johann Wolfgang Goethe had a name that symbolically linked J.S. Bach and Mozart. He was born before Bach’s death, before Mozart’s life, and also outlived both of them.   “Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.” – Goethe Goethe famously said that music is liquid architecture and architecture is frozen music. He lived... / READ MORE /
The galleries below contain some of the most mind-blowing designs for homes that are all made out of shipping containers! This has become an increasingly popular, and cost efficient movement. There is a plethora of resources online on how-to build your own, and where to find the materials needed to “think inside the box”. Click... / READ MORE /