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Jennifer Sodini, founder of Evolve and Ascend and author of Amenti Oracle: Feather Heart Deck and Guidebook is launching a new podcast this fall, called Radio Amenti. Radio Amenti will be syndicated through the popular, and highly-intentionally curated, MindPod Network, founded by Noah Lampert, who is the host of the Synchronicity podcast, which Jennifer has... / READ MORE /
This week’s Spotify playlist is from Richie Brown. Richie is an illustrator, animator and the all-around creative genius primarily responsible for the Evolve and Ascend aesthetic. Richie’s work has been seen on Fox ADHD, Adult Swim, Lucky Peach Magazine, Italian Vogue, and we also worked together on the children’s book about cosmic consciousness, The Unity Tree. Richie and... / READ MORE /
This week’s Spotify playlist is from author Kingsley L. Dennis, who we had the pleasure of recently interviewing for our Liberation Frequency podcast – which will be live on our YouTube channel tomorrow. Kingsley is the author of many books, including of “Breaking the Spell” (2013), “New Revolutions for a Small Planet” (2012), “The Struggle for... / READ MORE /
This week’s Spotify playlist was curated by Tobias Churton, a UK based author who penned an enlightening biography on the “wickedest man in the world”, Aleister Crowley. Tobias’ bio on Crowley, “Aleister Crowley: Spiritual Revolutionary, Occult Master, and Spy“, is available on Amazon.com, and you can purchase it directly by clicking here. We hope you enjoy... / READ MORE /
Tomorrow we will be releasing our latest episode of Liberation Frequency, where we interviewed Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis.com – so this week our Spotify playist is by Jay. These 10 tracks were hand picked by him, and we hope you enjoy. We recently posted one of his analyses about the 2001 film, Artificial Intelligence, being a Transhumanist fairytale, but you can browse... / READ MORE /
  This week’s Spotify Playlist is brought to you by our friends at Georgia Studios. Georgia is a creative production studio located in Chinatown, NY, formed by Brian Close and Justin Tripp. Georgia hand-picked an outrageous selection of unique, worldly, and outer-wordly sounds, and this week’s list is sure to throw your consciousness into another dimension. Check out... / READ MORE /