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The Astro Guide : Astrology by VICE App recently launched, and Annabel Gat is one of the key expert astrologers behind this gorgeous (and user-friendly) new platform. We recently caught up with Annabel to learn more about her work, some astrology basics and what to expect from Astro Guide Annabel Gat is an astrologer certified... / READ MORE /
The vast, unknown depths of the human psyche have long yielded more questions than answers in our humble search for self awareness and significance in the grand scheme. The world’s psychologists and cerebral explorers have rappelled into the collective mind, seeking to understand the science of consciousness in a way that can illuminate our identity... / READ MORE /
Cycles of Time and Karma The word kalachakra means cycles of time, and the Kalachakra system presents three such cycles – external, internal and alternative. The external and internal cycles deal with time as we normally know it, while the alternative cycles are practices for gaining liberation from these two. The structures of the external and internal cycles are analogous,... / READ MORE /
Humans have always considered ourselves much different animals, and we look at our apparent superior intellect, analytical mind, self-awareness, and expanded consciousness as the dividing line between us and them. Primates, for example, have always been considered our closest cousins, and while we do credit them with being intelligent, our understanding of how they experience the world... / READ MORE /
China’s Psychic Children have caught the attention of both the government and the press worldwide for the past 25 years. With abilities comparable to that of a superhero, these children might have a strong message to share with our world. From reading the pages of books with their eyes closed to inducing the bloom of... / READ MORE /
In recent decades, the nature and importance of consciousness in modern science has been a contentious subject of debate. Quantum physicists agree that observation plays a vital role in the fundamental dynamics of subatomic particles, while materialists argue that consciousness is a fluke or byproduct of random physical events. “You are more than your physical... / READ MORE /
Our spiritual journey has never been a straight line. The nature of life in this ephemeral world consists of frequent swings between unexpected extremes, even in the most enlightened vistas of experience. The rising vibration of human consciousness follows a distinct pattern, translating our collective progress into the movement of ‘two steps forward, one step... / READ MORE /
“Power is required for communication. To stand before an indifferent or hostile group and have one’s say, or to speak honestly to a friend truths that go deep and hurt, these require self-affirmation, self-assertion, and even at times aggression.” ~Rollo May This is your life. Not your parent’s. Not your teacher’s. Not your government’s. Not your... / READ MORE /
John Perry Barlow was a visionary, and a modern-day renaissance man. A poet, writer (and lyricist for The Grateful Dead), activist (associated with both Democratic and Republican parties), cyberlibertarian and founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Freedom of the Press Foundation – his contributions to the world have left a lasting impact, whose effects we are still feeling... / READ MORE /
It’s a strange world of newspeak we live in. What was once a society devoted to logic and progress is now being herded in echo chambers of thought control and anti-critical thinking. Without the ability to examine an issue impartially and completely there is little hope of maintaining liberty and freedom, as history repeatedly demonstrated. Today, we... / READ MORE /