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Patricia Muehsam, M.D.
While doing research for a writing project, I happened upon some inspiring thoughts that I’d like to share: thoughts on sickness and on healing. What follows are some of these words of wisdom, along with my reflections, and a few suggestions on how you might apply these notions in your daily lives. On sickness “All... / READ MORE /
“The cure for the pain is in the pain.” ~Jellaludin Rumi We’re a culture that medicates our pain. We medicate our physical pain with medicine. We medicate our emotional pain with medicine. And that medicine may not necessarily be of the pharmaceutical sort. It could be workaholism. It could be other “medicines” that distract us... / READ MORE /
Featured art The Flight of Icarus by Gabriel Picart The ancient wisdom traditions have much to say about the nature of consciousness —that it’s non-local, that it transcends our linear constructs of space and time and our physical bodies. And that it doesn’t reside in the brain, or anywhere in the body for that matter. Yet,... / READ MORE /