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Michelle Estevez
RLove is the first conscious dating app connecting its users based on a unique feature called the “soul signature.” It’s a spiritually-centered questionnaire that assists in connecting you with like-hearted individuals. Gerard Powell, founder of RLove and Rythmia, a medically licensed luxury wellness-resort, noticed a longing in his community for love and deeper relationships. Created... / READ MORE /
China’s Psychic Children have caught the attention of both the government and the press worldwide for the past 25 years. With abilities comparable to that of a superhero, these children might have a strong message to share with our world. From reading the pages of books with their eyes closed to inducing the bloom of... / READ MORE /
Imagine living on a land that could kill you in a moment’s notice while also providing you with all of the riches you could dream of. This is what the people of Azerbaijan’s Absheron Peninsula must heed on daily basis. Just north of the peninsula lie the capital, Baku,  where a sacred fire once burned eternally –... / READ MORE /