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Andrei Burke
Psychedelic illustrator Nicole Piar’s Spirit Cats oracle deck is the perfect tool to connect to your intuition and inspire your imagination There are moments in life when our intuition seems to be calling to us through walls of concrete that we just can’t seem to hear through. Thankfully, for these moments we have oracle decks.... / READ MORE /
Tanishka, the ‘Moon Woman,’ is about to embark on her Virgin: The Return of the Grail UK Tour.  It is a rare chance to feel divine love, devotion and sexual healing. The Holy Grail and Sacred Blood is a mystery that has confounded scholars and historians for centuries.  It will likely remain a fascination of the popular... / READ MORE /
Manly P. Hall was a titan of esoteric thought in the 20th century. Here’s ten illuminating talks to initiate yourself into the ancient mysteries! If you are unfamiliar with Manly P. Hall, then prepare to have everything you thought you knew about the life, existence and the universe to be completely upturned and undone. And if... / READ MORE /