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The Healing Benefits of Dandelion

DANDELION Taraxacum platycarpum

Another invasive weed that American’s have been plucking and tossing for perfected lawns for far too long. 

Dandelion is often found in liver health blends and tonics – it’s potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties have a protective effect specifically on the liver – where glutathione is actually produced! 

Glutathione is a MASTER antioxidant, and so important for removing toxins from the body. It helps certain enzymes in the body function, breaks down free radicals for elimination, regenerates vitamins c + e, can transport mercury out of the BRAIN, and helps the liver process fat properly – all CRUCIAL for skin health.

Dandelion has been found to stimulate glutathione generation internally. 

But back to the liver. This powerhouse of an organ breaks down fats that we consume in our diet into fatty acids, some amino acids, stores glucose for energy when carb consumption is too low, and filters + detoxifies our blood. So I’d say it’s pretty important to keep this bad boy in good shape. 

Your liver is your detox organ. The word “detox” gets some shade, so let me clarify: your liver is detoxing heavy metals, toxins, and even normal healthy cells have an expiration date and need to be filtered and removed from the body. This is how your body moves all of that out.

Remember we are not just what we eat-we’re what we digest AND eliminate, and a strong liver is a more powerful detoxifier and protector than any diet cleanse. There’s often no need for a juice cleanse or lengthy glamorized detox program, if you support your liver daily with tools like Dandelion it will continue to do its job at a superior level and gain resiliency. Dandelion is readily available in tincture form and dried herb form (and probably growing in your backyard!). You can also cook with the leaves just as I would with any other green.

Dandelion has also been found to induce cell death in Melanoma (one of the most serious forms of skin cancer) cells that are resistant to treatment! All while normal healthy cells are protected.

“Furthermore, dandelion leaf and flower but not root extracts stimulated glutathione generation and glutathione reductase mRNA expression in the presence or absence of UVB irradiation. We also found that dandelion leaf and flower extracts help absorb UVB irradiation.”

Sources: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4630464/

The original Glow Tonic blend uses Organic Dandelion Leaves to help keep skin glowing from the inside out.

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