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3 Easy Rituals for the Full Moon in Sagittarius

My name is Valeria Ruelas, and I am psychic medium, tarot reader and witch. I wanted to share these easy and powerful rituals for the upcoming full moon in Sagittarius on June 5th which is a potent spiritual time to do ritual. During this Full Moon there will also be a lunar eclipse, where the earth comes in between the moon and the sun and we will see partial darkness (unfortunately not in the USA this time)

Eclipses are excellent for cutting negativity, and for healing the karmic past. They also start a series of events in our lives, so performing a ritual can be a great way to create POSITIVE energy that will echo over time. 

Sagittarius is represented in the zodiac by a centaur. Often people refer to Sagittarius as adventurous and full of wonder, as well as very philosophical and gifted at healing. 

You can perform all of these rituals on the day of June 5th, or the days leading up to the moon as well as the day after. 

Ritual No. 1: “Bibliomancy” or “Book o Mancy”


  • Spiritual Books on any topic 
  • Books on medicine or herbal healing 
  • A Bible 
  • Tarot and Oracle Guidance Books 
  • Journal 

Bibliomancy is a common divination practice where you open up to a page of a book randomly, and you read it thoroughly to receive a message. You have to “divine” and read in between the lines and think creatively to make the most of this ritual. 

How to:

  1. In a quiet space, set an intention or ask a question that you will receive the answer to by opening the books 

(Examples: Can I receive a message from my spirit guides, What is coming for me in the future, Help me solve a problem in my life, message about a past life)  

  1. Repeat this with a few different books and different questions
  2. Keep track of the page numbers and messages in a journal to revisit later 

Ritual No. 2: “Power Poses” 

Using JUST the body in magick is powerful! You don’t always need tools to create immense change. For this, focus on what you want to MANIFEST in the next months and on becoming more outspoken and confident. This ritual can rearrange energy within you and create a better vibration.  

  1. Pick a spot where you are not likely to be observed outside under the full moon, or do this in front of your altar 
  2. A power pose is a body position that improves how you feel and how you are perceived. You can watch this video to learn more about them. 
  3. Pick 4 power poses to focus on 
  4. Hold each pose for a mindful 5-8 minutes, eyes closed, and focus on what you want to manifest through your body’s power. Relax and STRETCH from one position to another. Be creative and listen to your body on which poses to focus on
  5. For the 5th pose you will do a “pelvic thrust”, either while lying on the floor, OR in a semi-squatting position. Focus on drawing in energy towards the base of your spine and your genitals. The genitals are associated with birth and regeneration, so this will superpower your manifestation. Direct your pelvic thrusts in the direction of the moon. Pelvic thrusts also “open” up energetic portals which are important for harnessing the moon’s powerful eclipse energy. 
  6. Close the ritual by laying down and putting both hands on your heart. Send yourself loving thoughts for 5-10 minutes. 

Ritual No. 4: Charged Protection Oil 

This is the “witchiest” of all these rituals, but if you don’t identify as a witch, you can do this ritual to make a meditation oil to help you feel protected during spiritual work.   


  • Mason Jar
  • Carrier oil such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil 
  • Essential oil of choice 
  • Permanent Marker

A regular oil can be turned into a magical tool if you “charge” it with moon energy, and draw a powerful symbol on the lid or jar. The oil can be saved and then used with herbs or crystals to anoint candles or be used on the body for empowerment and for meditation. 

  1. Meditate and come up with a symbol that represents protection to you
  2. Using your permanent marker draw this symbol AND the planetary symbol for Sagittarius on the jar (either on the lid or the glass) 
  3. Fill your jar with carrier oil and focus on your intention. 
  4. Pray upon the jar, recite mantras or play music and sing to empower the oil. Make sure you speak and sing INTO the oil. 
  5. Use your favorite essential oil combination to add a scent to the carrier oil. About 20-30 drops is enough for a lot of power.
  6. Place the oil on your altar and pray and repeat singing or affirmations on it until the next full moon. 
  7. After one full moon cycle, the oil will be ready for use. Anoint your candles, or your temples and third eye for meditation. Store this oil in a safe place it will likely last for months. 

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