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Ritual for the New Moon in Gemini: Finding My Safe Space

My name is Valeria Ruelas, and I am a psychic medium, tarot reader, and witch. I wanted to share this powerful ritual for the upcoming New Moon in Gemini on May 22nd

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The zodiac sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury and its symbol is the twins.

The duality aspect of Gemini is very important! It gives Gemini extrasensory perception and a great capacity to see past the mundane. Gemini is also creative, spiritual, and intelligent! 

Some describe Gemini as having a “nervous” energy, so this ritual is designed to help you wind down from those effects and make space for reflection!  

The New Moon (also called the dark moon) is a great time to reflect on the truth and the unpleasant aspects of our lives and to make space to FEEL. By acknowledging the more negative aspects of our lives, we can live more authentically and have less psychic blockages! 

This ritual is inspired by the idea of safe spaces. Secrets are not always a bad thing, and having a place JUST to yourself for doing magical work is important. For this ritual pick a place that is only known to you. Ideally a place outdoors where you can’t be easily seen. You should visit this space monthly on the dark moon about two hours before twilight and stay until it gets dark. 

For this ritual you will need…

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  • Tarot or Oracle Cards, or divination method of choice that can provide answers
  • Incense or Smudge Wand 
  • Open Space, ideally outdoors 
  • A musical instrument such as a singing bowl, flute, drum or a speaker to play meditation music 


  1. Bless the space with the smoke of your choice, make sure to send smoke to each of the four directions. 
  2. Play your musical instrument or music on your speaker for 10 minutes. You can lightly sway and dance, focusing on the soothing sounds to calm your mind or sit still and focus on meditating. (you can continue to play music intuitively while you do the rest of this ritual) 
  1. Say this affirmation to bless the space 

I come here with faith and peace.

I CAN and vow to release all that is harming me. 

I firmly declare this my safe place. 

May no evil, nor judgment, nor intrusive energy enter my space. 

  1. Stomp your feet three times to scare away unwanted energy. 
  2. Perform an in-depth tarot reading, oracle reading to help you with healing, clarity, and releasing stress and low vibrational energy. 

Sample questions 

What is keeping me from being an authentic version of myself? 

Where am I failing in life? 

What area of self-improvement do I need to focus on? 

What can I do to overcome nervousness or anxiety? 

What patterns can I overcome? 

What areas of life am I being stubborn in? 

Where am I being two-faced or unfair? 

How can I give more love? 

Where does my self-love stand right now? 

Where can I apologize to others, to make things right? 

  1. Close the safe space by saying the following affirmation and making a promise to return next time with a different ritual 

 I have seen my truth. 

My pain and suffering can now be soothed.
I leave these secrets here.

I promise to be honest, even to the fears. 

Spirits thank you for helping me so soon. 

I promise to return next time on the dark moon. 

  1. Stomp your feet three times and visualize the space becoming invisible and untouchable to others 

This is now your permanent safe space and you can come here every dark moon to perform your rituals without shame. 

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