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‘The Magical Writing Grimoire’ Invites the Cultivation of Compassion & Re-Discovery of the Authentic Voice

“Lisa Marie Basile is a poet, essayist, and editor living in New York City. She’s the founder and creative director of Luna Luna Magazine, an editor at Ingram’s poetry site Little Infinite, and co-host for the podcast, AstroLushes, which intersects astrology, literature, wellness, and culture. 

More recently, she is the author of The Magical Writing Grimoire, part guided journaling practice, part magical grimoire. She has also launched Ritual Poetica, a virtual space that explores the intersection of writing and healing, sacredness, and ritual through submissions and community.”

Stepping out of an intense full moon in Scorpio, chatting with Lisa Marie Basile on the power of writing to heal, cultivating compassion, and connecting with our authentic truth felt like the most treasurable integration period ever. In The Magical Writing Grimoire, her most recently released book, she crafts rituals, writing prompts, and meditations to openly guide the creative spirit through a sacred unfolding. Lisa, the Scorpio enchantress, invites you to go as deep as you can while remembering the lightness of it all. Whether you identify as a writer, witch, or not, this book may enliven a hidden realization. After all, the only way out is through.

As we reflected on the recent full moon, Lisa shared her ritualistic practice for letting go of what no longer served her. Naturally, it involved a lot of journaling. “There was tons of purging and I really leaned into it… It’s been heavy, but it does give way to a shift eventually,” Lisa assures. This has been the truth for most of her experience. The Writing Grimoire brings this to life in a digestible yet in-depth approach.

With a secular background, Lisa doesn’t subscribe to a single system. Instead, she embraces and works with the elements found in nature. Her book embraces this in the same way. The aim was never to make it serious. It was meant for people of all belief systems, all backgrounds, and all paths to embrace something that felt sacred.” Lisa relates. 

A Grimoire for You, A Grimoire for All

In the ever-changing landscape of reality, our words hold immense power when dictating our experience. Writing is like casting spells, and with every word we speak, they become real. It’s important we watch our thoughts and be mindful of what you wish for. In this case, writing is a magnificent tool for noticing repetitive tendencies. Like a sword, the pen can be our weapon against cutting limiting beliefs and drawing new lines of opportunity in the sand.

Lisa also makes it a point to use different spells that correlate with her mood to keep her creations fresh. Why recite the same thing over and over again until you turn blue? In The Magical Writing Grimoire, participants are invited to create their own incantations depending on where they’re at in their journey. With every step, the authentic voice is always welcomed to shine through and shed a light during moments of hardship or doubt.

“I found good silver linings in it like ‘Yes it’s traumatic, but it also gave me empathy and resilience.’ So sometimes just writing these things, writing a letter to yourself, accepting and speaking the truth out loud can be really revelatory,” Lisa shares. 

Throughout The Writing Grimoire, she shares bits and pieces of her story, including chronic illness and her experience in foster care. She intends to create a space for witches and writers to feel safe when opening up and being vulnerable—even if it’s just for themselves. 

“I hope that anyone who reads my work or approaches this would feel empowered to embrace their truth and know that it makes them more beautiful and not feel like bad or shameful,” Lisa admits. 

There is solidarity to be found within the authentic voice. While our truths may differ from one another, we are reminded we are not alone or forgotten. One of Lisa’s most significant influences in this area is the outspoken English poet, Lemn Sissay, a former foster youth. His openness inspired her to share more of her story. No matter how different we may feel when we share our truth, we create space for others to do the same. It is through this process we find forgiveness, growth, healing, and cultivation for compassion.

To Write the Road to Compassion

“You only need a few people to show you that human compassion, and I think you take it on yourself to show it to others.”

The current era we navigate is filled with an influx of uncertainty. With that comes a lot of room for anxiety or taking on the energy of others.

“I think with compassion, it came with time,” Lisa opens up. “I’m 34 and I think in my 20’s I was so angry and resentful of past stuff and parental trauma… Once I started having compassion for my mom and my dad and their struggle, it opened my eyes up… You have to treat every human being with their own context and their own trauma.”

Lisa’s experience in cultivating compassion can serve as a looking glass for transcending the limits of empathy and taking on external energies. 

“When I was a struggling kid, not doing well in school, not able to focus, people were generous and went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable…” Lisa reminds us, “You only need a few people to show you that human compassion, and I think you take it on yourself to show it to others.”

As many will find in The Writing Grimoire, the act of writing opens up a portal for healing and inner-realizations. From Lisa’s experience, writing has always been a way to travel from different headspaces. However, after completing her graduate thesis on writing as a way to cope with illness, she realized the full potential that could be harnessed through the pen. 

In that lesson, It’s easy to show gentleness to others. However, the experience reminds us the kinder we are with ourselves, the more kindness we may extend to others.

“Self-compassion is the number one thing, especially right now. Everyone is beating up on themselves for not being productive enough or whenever it is,” Lisa admits. “It’s like, look we go through things, you just have to be sweet, and kind, and patient with yourself.”

Learn more about Lisa Marie Basille, read her work, and connect with the community here.

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