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Peer Into the World of ‘See Pala’ A Transcendent Graphic Novel on Self-Activation

The universal messages transported from See Pala, present an invitation for an inner journey of self-activation and truth. 

Imaginative visions are brought to life by graphic artist Aldous Massie who has worked for well-known brands such as Hermes, Nike, Gloria Jeans, and Audi. Based out of Sydney, Australia, Massie has garnered a loyal following of individuals who are devoted to the path of spiritual growth and expansion. 

Ultimately, the work speaks for itself as Massie’s talents weave the perception between overlapping dimensions of reality, dreams, the underworld, and immortality. See Pala is a treasure chest filled with infinite gems and jewels for those who dare to peer further into their own abyss. 

Welcome to the island of Pala.

The island Pala exists between the underworld of the Narakas below and the promise of immortality above.

The Asurans are a Palanese tribe that venture deep into the island’s heart each night to taste the gifts of both worlds.

“The universe is a reflection of the self. Everything is a mirror.”—voiced by @briightbomber

“Believe in yourself and surround yourself with others who do likewise.”—voiced by @avirgoworld

Massie shares his process before rendering sketches via Photoshop, “Generally, I have a clear idea of what I want to make at the beginning of the process. I leave myself notes in the form of very rough sketches. These scribbles act as a guide for when I begin to work digitally.”

With a clear vision, Massie shares it’s easy to continue and transfer digitally. Without it, the digital stages can stir confusion as there are many options and paths that can steer the original vision. 

“Keep moving to stay still. Stay still to keep moving.”—voiced by @yaknowme_hitomi

“Talk to yourself. Listen to yourself.”—voiced by @rainbowsalt

“The wound is the gift.”—voiced by @k.leaux

In a personal post Massie opens up, “In early 2014, I had my first experience with ayahuasca. I encountered a plant/alien Goddess who placed a seed inside my mind which very rapidly redirected my life toward my path.” In an attempt to make sense of these messages, he began to document the lessons he learned through drawings that ultimately took on a life of their own.

The seed is planted. The rest is up to you.

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“In the See Pala story, the Anima are crystals that penetrate the island of Pala. When one emerges, it can be sacrificed to until the next Birth Ceremony,” Massie describes. 

While the crystals play an important role in the story, it is also a term defined by Jung as the unconscious feminine qualities within a man. The more we look within and cultivate strength in this space, the closer we become with our subconscious. 

“Make the unconscious… conscious.”—voiced by @ozcult

Massie has also collaborated with inspiring artists and visionaries like Alexis Rakun, Hitomi Mochizuki, and Claire Michelle  to voice some of his creative animations. 

“Hold it in your mind to hold it in your hands.”—voiced by @lilli.ptz

“I would just like to publicly announce that I have no idea what I’m doing.”—voiced by @of.earthandlight

“If you can’t go outside, go inside.”—voiced by @sandiaulakh

As we unfold into the continuing days of quarantine, Massie advises, “Just make the thing you feel like making: relax and trust the process. Don’t try and make it perfect, just try and make it.” His method to prevent self-conscious thought-loops and self-sabotage has opened a free flow state others can incorporate into their own practice. 

“My intention is to make Pala’s guidance visible in your own lives, to accelerate your spiritual journeys and get you back on your path,” Massie adds. 
Discover Aldous Massie’s work and read See Pala here.

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