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Melt Into Your Creative Flow with Warm Words, An Immersive and Surreal Soundscape Experience

Warm Words blends surreal storytelling and dreamy ambient music with subtle mindfulness practices for a one of a kind listening experience.

Cory Allen’s famously relaxing voice and meditative music will leave you feeling grounded, light, and uniquely clear-minded. So put your headphones in and feel your anxiety fade and your creativity awaken. 

Source: CoryAllen.com

What unfolds similar to that of a choose your own adventure game, Warm Words takes you, the listener, on a journey of tapping into the creative flow and surrendering to the bright side of the imagination. Your host, Cory Allen, blends his passion for audio engineering, storytelling, and mindfulness to invite you on a mind-melting and heart expanding immersion. Whether you practice meditation regularly or are new to mindful approaches, Warm Words deconstructs repetitive thought loops and trades them in for an unfolding of endless awareness. 

As I found myself within the arms of a Warm Words universal soundscape titled “The Silent City,” I heard drops of rain swim through my pores. I felt the soundwaves of silence penetrate the nothingness within the all. Suddenly my surroundings took a world of their own as Cory’s voice calmly suggested the appearance of signs, “It’s like someone has written in Japanese, but in italics. Some type of language that’s leaning forward. It almost looks like it’s been written from the bottom up as opposed to the left or from the right.” In these moments I’m no longer guided in meditation, but rather co-creating a mesmerizing reality while building a language of my own.

“To me, a guided meditation is not as much about what is being said, but how it’s being said,” Cory shares regarding his recent project. “I thought that this would be a cool way, to make guided meditations that are in a way subconscious and then in the conscious mind it’s just surrealness. So it expands creativity—almost like an intentional distraction.”

In a modern world, filled with infinite stimulation, intentionality goes quite the distance. Tuning into the dreamscapes painted by Cory’s narrative is like listening to a bedtime story that never really ends. After all, once the imagination is turned on there is no limit to where the next move will lead. 

“The idea of this story gets people’s creativity flowing. It gets them to focus on a thing and in that there’s a lot of super low key things even as I am describing or talking about something. It’s actually a mechanism of getting someone to do something, to kind of have this mental shift to like this openness, or allowing, or release, without even realizing it,” he continues. 

After my listening experience, I felt called to write and probe ideas of images cast throughout “The Silent City.” The universal symbols are rich in explorative potential. From sidewalks made of glowing green jade to silent trains, it mirrors a dream where meaning takes on a unique identity. The life it takes on is ultimately up to the individual perspective of the dreamer. However, Warm Words goes a step further in serving as a pre-workout to infinite creative expressions by tearing down the mind’s defense mechanisms of comparison or overthinking. In return, the inner critic is finally allowed to take a back seat and freely surrender to the imaginative flow. 

“I have learned that whenever particular ideas arise in my mind it’s almost as if they have come from somewhere else. It’s a realized thought that has this clarity and conviction to it even though it might seem like it doesn’t make sense at the time or it seems not what I was going to be doing next. I learned to listen to those things and just do them and not ask questions,” Cory relates. 

As the voice behind an immersive soundscape, Cory has learned a fair amount about surrendering to the call of a creative birth. His professional journey has taken him through a decade of inventive roads from music production, connecting with influential thought-leaders, and sharing his wisdom along the way. His unfolding leads with the playful perspective of being both the seeker and the sought. 

“I think we never run out of options or possibilities. We only run out of ideas. So if you can see things in different ways and different perspectives, you can come up with something pretty great with almost anything,” Cory proposes.

In this sense, surrendering to the process is just as, if not even more, important than the final product. Sometimes all we need are a few warm words to melt the rigid structures of how a project or situation is supposed to be.

“I think a big part of how one can honor their creativity and look at the fullness of who they are is by listening to what arises in the creative space, you know, just like in the back of your mind. Whatever is in the back of your brain and just getting it out of the way,” Cory advises. “There have been so many times where I had an idea and then your inner critic starts talking to you. You start out thinking to yourself, like ‘Oh well it’ll be a lot of time, I won’t want to commit to it.’ It’s so easy to talk yourself out and there are particular feelings I can identify now where I go, ‘That’s the thing? Cool. That’s what I’m doing now.’ That’s what I do and it seems to be paying off.”

The bright side of the imagination is always there. It’s the voice that softly whispers and is ready to ignite creative ideas. “It’s almost like exposure therapy where you listen to a little bit of your true inner voice as however it’s talking to you and do what it is saying without questioning it,” Cory admits. It is a sense of trust that is cultivated through repetition—a muscle memory. “It’s got this interesting snowball effect, like the growth, the creative confidence to continue to do that and you can do that more.”

The fact of the matter is there is a blanket of information all around us—at all times. There is no shortage of what can be birthed from this realm and brought into our awareness. Just as a treasure chest awaits the brave explorer so does the imagination to the creative who surrenders.

As I found my way to the end of “The Silent City,” Cory warmly reminds, “You could be anywhere… Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London… It doesn’t matter… Just this moment… This beautiful sensation is not about where you are. It’s about what you are when you’re there.” In a smooth transition, I flowed from an immersed narration to the unfolding of a naked truth, a core essence.

Warm Words transforms the traditional bed-time story experience by tapping into the surreal dreamscape of magical realism. The listener is invited to travel between thin veils of imaginative fantasy and dream-like tangibility to co-create a warm world of infinite design.

Listen, download, and imagine: http://www.cory-allen.com/warm-words

Cory’s recent book, Now is the Way: An Unconventional Approach to Modern Mindfulness, builds a bridge between knowing and doing while offering practical tips to stop reacting to life and start living it fully.

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