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How to Use Oil to Cleanse Your Skin

Oil as a cleanser?!

Hear me out! 

With all this time on our hands, what better time to learn a new (and possibly cheaper) skincare trick? Within the midst of an economic collapse, I can only hope that the days of a 10+ step skincare routine are over.

There’s no need to overwhelm your skin with excessive amounts of product. There’s also, in my professional opinion, no need to drop the majority of your self-care budget on a fancy cleanser. 


A cleanser is on your skin for the least amount of time out of all of your other products that are really doing work. It’s not treating your skin with the potency or longevity of a serum or moisturizer. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not doing anything

The thought of using oil on skin that’s acne-prone is terrifying to some.

We’ve grown up with targeted marketing campaigns pushing “oil-free” everything, but oil absorbs oil. So a proper oil cleansing method allows you to cleanse your skin of excess oil and debris, without jeopardizing the integrity of your skin’s natural defenses. 

Oftentimes I find acne-prone clients wanting to use a strong cleanser that leaves them with a perceived “clean” feeling, but these harsh cleansers can strip too much of the skins natural sebum and actually send it into overdrive, causing your skin to overproduce oil, perpetuating the problem further. 

An oil cleanser can be as simple as just one ingredient. I often use just one plant oil (like almond oil) or a blend of a few different oils (like Everyday Oil or Badger Cleansing Oil). I love using oils because you can use them all over, and there are no additives.

Products that are water-based encourage bacterial growth, therefore, require more ingredients to preserve and protect their shelf stability. Plant oils are shelf-stable on their own, and so require no added synthetic ingredients or preservatives to protect them. So when my products are washing down my drain, I’m confident this skincare routine is safe for the environment, as well as my body. 

Now, not all oils are created equally. For more oily skin types, try jojoba or almond oil, for more dry skin types, opt for a moisturizing oil like Argan or apricot kernel oil.

I’ll admit, the first time I tried this method I wasn’t sold until I was taught to do so correctly and found the right oil.

That was 4 years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since. So keep reading for a step by step guide!

How To Oil Cleanse At Home: 

  1. Using a quarter-sized amount of oil (almond oil or jojoba oil), warm the oil between your hands and then apply to face.
  2. Massage the oil all over your face for a few minutes, really taking time to massage the muscles of your face, even over the eyes to melt off mascara or a stubborn cat-eyeliner. This is the best method for removing eye makeup because it’s so gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes. 
  3. Run a small washcloth under warm to hot water, as warm as you can take it but not hot enough to burn your skin!
  4. Apply the warm wet washcloth over your face as a compress, wiping the oil off as you remove. 
  5. Repeat the warm compress 3 times. Face should be clean and clear of all makeup and dirt from the day. 
  6. Follow up with toner, serum, or moisturizer of choice!

Best Oils for cleansing:

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