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ASSEGAIA Declaration for Protection of Sacred Natural Sites Asks Us to Reconnect With Ancestral Wisdom

The events that have transpired following the current COVID-19 pandemic provide a transparent perspective on how our collective actions have affected the planet.

As mass transportation has tremendously slowed down, the earth is, once again, given an opportunity to fully breathe. As we sort through weeks of physical distancing and isolation, we are better equipped to listen to messages the planet has shared with us all along.

Synchronistically, the Le Ciel Foundation, an organization with the mission of restoring harmony and ecology on a global scale through cultural, spiritual and environmental projects that address Humanity’s disconnect to Nature, has accomplished phenomenal feats in the interest of Gaia.

Photo ©Tinko Czetwertynski | Image Source: Le Ciel Foundation

On January 21, 2020, a group of experts and indigenous leaders met at the World Economic Forum in Davos to share the ASSEGAIA Declaration for Protection of Sacred Natural Sites. The declaration was drafted last August in South Africa by founding members of the ASSEGAIA Alliance. The Alliance includes an international delegation of indigenous leaders, scientists, conservationists, environmental lawyers, spiritual guardians, human rights experts, and global NGOs. The document was made to call governments, businesses, and communities to practice ecocentric approaches when making decisions.

Rather than acting from the ego, the ASSEGAIA Declaration brings the regeneration of Gaia at the center of all decisions. As we find ourselves four months into a world shaped by the reality of the recent coronavirus outbreak, there is still so much humanity has to uncover and remember. 

“Sacred natural sites are fundamental to restoring ecological balance to the Earth,” says Bianca Borghetti, co-founder of Alliance member One Ancient Future. “Indigenous knowledge systems provide critical guidance for how we can honor, respect and ensure their sanctity.

The pressing truth is that the culmination of all sacred sites holds a vibration for the planet and without protecting their longevity, we run the risk of losing this energy at a devastating price. 

The current pandemic provides us with an opportunity to reevaluate priorities and commitments. We’re continuing to be shown just how close we really are and it has nothing to do with proximity. The sacredness found within natural sites, animal spirits, and various natural medicines has gotten lost in our modern way.

Organizations like The Le Ciel Foundation are an integral component serving as a reminder to pave a responsible and sustainable future. By bridging ancestral wisdom with the modern world, we are poised to fully embrace the harmonious abundance that has always existed.  

“We need to act collectively. We need to learn from our past in that the future is in the past, meaning we need to recover the original structures. How to think and act. The message is to think and act beautifully. To feel beautiful is important but to think beautifully is even more important. We are in a process of unification,” Mindahi Bastida-Otomi, an elder from Mexico shares.

While the ASSEGAIA Declaration outlines an Earth-centered approach for natural site protection, the drafting, and formation of the document was a process that began on a sacred site in Africa.

“We were there in service to Earth and in service to the ancestors bringing in ritual and ceremony to listen and to ask for signs as to how we would put this together,” Tricia Eastman shares. The document further focuses on recognizing sacred sites as “powerful pieces in the web of life that fulfill a critical role on Earth.”

To further spread this message, The Le Ciel Foundation produced a documentary called The Twelve that gives a voice to wisdom traditions around the world. With the knowledge of these 12 elders, humanity is reminded of what it means to be human and how to live in harmony with our surroundings.

The documentary captures heart wisdom from elders who serve as stewards to sacred sites on the planet. Our current state of affairs has tremendously slowed down society to a point where we can listen to the silent wisdom of the wind.

“All indigenous people have a different word for it but we have a word here called Daddiri. It’s about quiet contemplation. Deep, still, listening, awareness. I feel that helps us connect with the Earth in the best way, the fastest way, the strongest way, constantly. All day, all night. At any given moment,” Jarmbi-Aboriginal, an Australian elder shares.

As we continue to strive forward, the resurfacing of ancient wisdom proves to serve our modern world in astronomical ways. 

“You’re going to have to learn how to melt the ice in the heart of man. Only by melting the ice in the heart of man, man will have a chance to change and begin to use his knowledge wisely,” Uncle Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq- Kallallit Nunaat, an elder from Greenland reminds.

“When we look at all of these things it’s not about taking something or receiving something. It’s also about giving something. That’s what the right relationship is about because ultimately everything we’re talking about is being in harmony with nature—the core essence of it. These are guides and teachers and we have to start with that or it’s going to be a rocky road,” Eastman concludes.

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