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Helpful Meditations to Ease Anxiety Around the COVID-19 Pandemic

The following meditations have been designed with the intention of connecting the listener to peace and loving awareness.

With the current condition of the world, and the ongoing uncertainty, confusion, and isolation, I have wanted to use this time to create as many resources (and creations) as possible to offer assistance for quelling the anxious mind and reconnecting the spirit to light-heartedness, and calm.

The guided meditations below can be received in any order that feels good to you.

For the best experiences, it is recommended to use headphones for the audio and to find an undisturbed space for journeying inward so that you will be able to travel inward without interruption.

Do not listen to these meditations while driving.

DISCLAIMER: These are not a substitution for medical advice, and both myself (the writer and narrator), and Evolve and Ascend, makes no claim to be a medical professional. By taking these journeys, it is understood that you are responsible for how you opt to understand, use or work with these FREE offerings.

We do not accept responsibility for any adverse effects, direct or indirect, that may result from your use of these guided meditations. By listening to these offerings, you are in agreement that you will use the information contained entirely at your own discretion.

Helpful Meditations to Ease Anxiety Around the COVID-19 Pandemic


An 8-Minute Journey to Cultivate Peace Through the #COVID19 Scare


A guided meditation to help release anxiety and connect to calm using the “I am Peaceful” prompt from Amenti Oracle as an affirmation.


This is a 14+ minute guided meditation for opening and cleansing the seven chakras, with the intention of connecting your consciousness to loving-awareness, calm, and clarity.

What other types of meditations are you interested in experiencing or learning more about? Comment and let us know!

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