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These Powerful Illustrations Show ‘Fear’ as a Misunderstood Monster That Needs Love and Acceptance

Cécile Carre is a Netflix Story Artist, who recently created a series of powerful illustrations on how to transform fear through love and acceptance.

Within the 6-image series, we witness fear become reduced to a beautiful star, as what first is presented as a terrifying monster continues to transform as it is held, seen, and invited to receive care.

Since originally posting these illustrations on Facebook, they’ve since gone viral, having been shared over 14,000 times.

“I feel very grateful for the very kind words I received recently, it is very encouraging.” – Cécile Carre

Art by Cécile Carre
Art by Cécile Carre
Art by Cécile Carre
Art by Cécile Carre
Art by Cécile Carre
Art by Cécile Carre

This practice of compassion, and essentially “inviting your demons to tea” is a powerful way to dive deeper into a more mindful way of facing fear.

As author and meditation teacher, Adreanna Limbach, explains:

Something that I’ve found personally helpful in the practice of accepting my gnarlier bits, inviting my demons to tea, is to notice where my thinking becomes rigid and binary. It’s likely that many of us default to binary thinking — again, it’s part of our cultural norm. Yes vs. No. Right vs. Wrong. For me vs. Against me. Delicious vs. Disgusting. It’s a natural human habit to classify the world by what we like and what we don’t. To judge our circumstances in a snap. To some extent this is a wonderful quality. We can judge on the binary very quickly ‘safe’ and ‘not safe’ which keeps us from walking out into traffic. However this binary thinking can very easily become the primary lens through which we see the world, including how we see ourselves. Either I am winning or I am failing. I am good or I am bad. This sets up a system of self-aggression that demonizes the aspects of ourselves that we deem to be bad, failing, wrong and in need of fixing.”

SOURCE: BestSelfMedia.com

To even learn more about Carre’s work, be sure to give her a follow on Instagram, and to buy prints of this series on fear, please visit her online shop.

Cécile Carre: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Behance | Shop

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