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Jiddu Krishnamurti’s 1929 Speech on ‘Truth as a Pathless Land’ (WATCH)

Jiddu Krishnamurti was a world-renowned thinker, known for renouncing his role as the “Coming World Teacher” in the Theosophical Movement. In his uniquely honest approach to modern-day problems, he did not promote, nor attach to, any philosophy or religion, but instead, would candidly speak on the real problems of living in modern society with its violence and corruption, and our search for happiness amidst the chaos of life. He spoke with precision about the power of the human mind and suggested how incorporating meditation into daily life could offer a deeper spiritual connection.

Krishnamurti in 1910 // PUBLIC DOMAIN

Born on May 11, 1895, in Madanapalle, a small town in south India, Krishnamurti was eight-years-old, when Dr. Annie Besant, then president of the Theosophical Society, adopted both him and his brother. Krishnamurti was chosen, as Besant believed he was the “Coming World Teacher“, that the Theosophists had been waiting for.

Eventually, in 1911, the Order of the Star was created to prepare the world for His coming, and Krishnamurti was placed as the head of the organization.

CREATIVE COMMONS: Portrait of Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895–1986) by American photographer Albert Witzel (1879–1929).

According to Tricycle Magazine:

With exacting expectations, the Theosophists initiated the “coming messiah” into the spirit worlds with which they claimed to have direct contact. In addition, they introduced him to the mannered informalities of international society. But at the age of twenty-nine, Krishnamurti rebelled.

Refusing the role of the chosen one, he claimed that truth could not be approached by way of a teacher and that enlightenment rendered all belief systems equally and inherently useless. Helping others find their way in a pathless land became Krishnamurti’s avowed mission for the next seven decades.

Helen Tworkov

In 1929, when Krishnamurti renounced the role that he was expected to play as “World Teacher”, he dissolved the Order and returned all of the money, and property he received for his work.

On August 3, 1929, the opening day of the annual Star Camp at Ommen, Holland, Krishnamurti dissolved the Order before 3000 members (click here for the full transcript).

For the next sixty years of his life, until his passing on February 17, 1986, Krishnamurti continued to travel the world, speaking to large audiences about the need for humanity to radically change.

Below, watch the video of Krishnamurti’s powerful speech from that fated day at Star Camp in Ommen, Holland, where he states “truth is a pathless land.”

Timeless words, that even now, in 2020, find deep resonance to the “pathless path” to “Truth.”

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