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5 Ways The RLove App Can Change the Way You Look at Dating

RLove is the first conscious dating app connecting its users based on a unique feature called the “soul signature.” It’s a spiritually-centered questionnaire that assists in connecting you with like-hearted individuals.

Gerard Powell, founder of RLove and Rythmia, a medically licensed luxury wellness-resort, noticed a longing in his community for love and deeper relationships. Created with intention, RLove represents a marriage between technology and consciousness in a way that has never been seen before. It’s changing the way people view dating, as a whole, and revolutionizing how we swipe. 

Here Are 5 Ways The New RLove App Can Change the Way You Look at Dating

1. Create Your Soul Signature Through Mindful Approach


Swipe culture came on the scene and took the digital universe by storm. There’s something that’s just very primitive and instinctual about swiping to select. However, as intuitive as it may be, there’s a level of depth missing. RLove approaches online dating mindfully allowing users to create profiles that go beyond the typical profile picture and clever caption. 

This spiritually-based app invites its users to open the heart and experience new levels of intimacy that isn’t available on other apps. Let the real you shine through and be seen for the incredible soul you are—raw, real, and perfectly imperfect. 

2. Being Held & Holding Space 

The creators behind RLove know the importance of community. The #RLoveTribe values support and holding space for one another. When we actively make an effort to be there for our partner, we provide them with a foundation of strength. This doesn’t mean we always have the perfect thing to say. Instead, it reminds them we are listening and support them. 

If you’re experiencing a dark night, the safest feeling is knowing you are heard by your tribe. 

3. Communication Through Honesty

Modern dating re-introduces connectivity in a world that can seem so busy. However, when people disconnect just as easily as they met, experiences like “ghosting” can be more common than we’d like to admit.

RLove is founded on the pillars of honest communication. This app makes it feel safe to communicate warm and excited feelings when it feels like there might be more. It also makes it just as safe to express when things aren’t working out. 

This app also celebrates transparency and gives users the option to either be matched with STI-free individuals or to be open to different backgrounds. While it may seem divisive at first, it is empowering (and safe) to have this option at hand. 

4. Spark Joy & Share Your Bliss

Intentional relationships direct attention to the things that matter most to each individual. With the soul connection feature, app users can personalize their interests to call in similarities. This doesn’t mean life is always peaches and fuzzies. However, when energy is directed to growing rather than dwelling, learning rather than blaming, etc… the intensity of joy reaches an endless peak. It’s so rewarding when a partner can share a level of bliss that comes from working through their own journey. Lessons reflect blessings, and vise versa, for an eternal spark to fuel the soul. 

5. Bond Through Activities Based On Your Soul Signature

RLove takes it beyond DM pings and surface-level intimacy. The soul signature allows users to share spiritual and lifestyle interests as well as experience with plant medicine. Whether it’s the adventure of a nature hike or new yoga class, the idea behind RLove is to nourish connections. The app is still in its early stages so there is more to expect like notifications on local spiritual events to bring the #RLoveTribe together. 

Technology is a powerful tool that is shaped by its creators. This new dating app is changing the way people look at dating apps for years to come. It’s no secret RLove helps connect people on deeper levels. The real treat is how it provides different reflections and opportunities for users to learn more about themselves. What connection lies ahead for your soul on RLOVE? Having a conscious platform to meet others who are also doing the internal work will do immeasurable wonders for the collective.

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