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Exploring our Inner Ecology with inner-ēco’s Barb Vogel

inner-ēco is an incredible (and socially-conscious) line of probiotic products that are mindfully brought to market, with the intention of transforming your inner ecology, and allowing ultimate health to flourish.

We have kept in mind a family friendly lifestyle when bringing our remarkably delicious products to market. Today’s families are busy and want top quality, versatile and convenient products at a good value. inner-ēco offers all of this in our pure and simple product lines. 

All of our products start with fresh young green coconut.  Our coconuts are cracked, scooped, and bottled in Colorado. We stay true to our roots –  all of our coconuts arrive in their natural state.

Whether you drink our bubbly fresh coconut water probiotic, use our handy TO GO products, or use our new smoothie packs, you are guaranteed a product that has no additives and is great for the young and the young-at-heart!


We recently chatted with inner-ēco’s co-founder, Barb Vogel, to learn more about the line, and the brand’s highest-intentions and dreams for the future.

Exploring our Inner Ecology with inner-ēco’s Barb Vogel

Working as an elementary school teacher, in 2008, you and your partner, Niki Price, began your journey to create inner-ēco. Can you please let us know how you discovered working with coconut water probiotics, and what exactly was your “Eureka” moment?

Niki and I began research on coconut water and probiotics after we saw the huge positive effect it had on a young child she was watching at the time.  The child was given the diagnosis of autism.   The mother took the child to a renowned specialist and he told her to try coconut water probiotics. This doctor realized the important connection between the gut, brain and good health.  We began to experiment in our kitchens.  The Eureka moments came when we saw the positive effects on the child and when I tried it for the first time. I was born with gut issues and NOTHING seemed to ease the discomforts until I took MY FIRST SIP OF INNER-ECO!  For me it was like water on a desert!  I knew if it could help me so much it could help others too!  Niki had always had an interest in healthy foods and its effects on the body. 

You state your ultimate mission with inner-ēco is to “be the champion of healthy, happy environments starting from the inside out”, can you elaborate on what that means to you?

inner-ēco was a mission before it was a company.  In 1998 my 10year old students and myself learned about chattel slavery in Sudan.  (Did you know that 3 out of every 1000 people in the world are in some form of slavery?).  They began the STOP (Slavery that Oppresses People) Campaign to free people held in slavery in Sudan.  Our campaign garnered international attention: groups and individuals in 13 countries and all 50 states joined their efforts.   When I retired from 30 years of teaching (2002) I continued my deep desire to free people from slavery of any kind.  I feel a need to help people of the world that face issues that do not allow them to live their fullest life.  We are here to serve and that is what inspired me to start a company with Niki to offer healthy, living food products that would not only help those taking it but also others with money made from the sales of these products.   If people are feeling better, they are Free to think and act on the behalf of others.  Cleaning up the environment starts inside our own personal environment (body).  inner-ēco realizes it has a joyful opportunity to provide aide.

How has working with coconut water probiotics changed your health and life?

I have such a different life because of inner-ēco!  First, the coconut probiotic freed me from many years of digestive discomfort.  I call it my miracle in a bottle.  My body instantly recognized this living food, it felt like water poured on the desert.  To this day I can remember the feeling and surprise!  I am very fulfilled by working with a company that allows me to give monthly to help others.  The joy of life is to give!

How can working with, and incorporating, inner-ēco into our own health routines evolve our inner (and outer) worlds?

By using inner-ēco others can give their bodies the support it may need.  We have heard the gut is the second brain in the body and we need to attend to it. There is an old saying, “If Mama is happy everyone is happy”, I think we can expand that to “If the gut is happy, everyone is happy!” ☺   We are our own personal gardens that need a little care and attention each day to thrive and produce.  Daily use of inner-ēco can support a system that is continually under attack for many reasons.  I see the living cultures as my friendly army that is keeping the bad guys in check. ☺ 

With inner-ēco being a socially conscious company, what are some of the charities and efforts you support globally?

Inner-ēco frees no less than 6 people every month and has done so for over 10 years.  I am a born abolitionist, and as long as I live, I will work towards the freedom of others.  The universal right of every human is FREEDOM!  This will always be important for me, but I realize as we all do, that there are many, many needs and ways to help others.  It is important to me that inner-ēco “Think globally and act locally”!  I do not care about race, politics or religion…I care about PEOPLE!  We provide help worldwide.   To name a few, we have given money to provide eye surgery for 333 people in rural India, fixed several facial deformities in children in Asia, we have supplied service dogs to American veterans and provided food to the hungry worldwide.  inner-ēco is a small, women-owned company and I realize that our giving cannot match that of much larger companies, but I can say our purpose for business, hearts and intentions are real, true and add Grace to the world.  When you buy inner-ēco YOU are the ones doing the work and helping others, we just get the pure pleasure of handling this giving for you.  Remember every waterfall begins with a drop!

  • Proceeds from inner-ēco products go toward freeing enslaved people across the globe every month. 
  • Over the past decade, inner-ēco’s charitable efforts have freed at least six slaves a month. That’s more than 720 lives.

What are your plans for the future of inner-ēco, and how would you like to see it continue to impact the world?

I will only stay in business if it allows me to GIVE to others.  When it becomes all about money and industry I will not continue!  PERIOD! Years ago, as we first started, I began to see the daily grind of commerce change our focus.  I stomped in our small office (a broom closet at the time) and stated, “I am not going through Hell for the Hell of it…we either stay on mission or we close”!!!  I think it important to state here that I have no egoic desire to “fix things” I learned long ago that is not my job.  My job is love, give, and support.  I have learned that the intentions behind my efforts are as important as my actions.

What are some of your favorite inner-ēco products and/or flavors?

I would like to answer this “favorite product” question with a favorite quote of mine from architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  When asked, what was his favorite accomplishment, he answered,” My next one.”  inner-ēco is launching a new Pro-line late summer.

Where can we learn more about your work, and purchase inner-eco?

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